1990 Mazda Miata Brochure*
This is version 2.0; 3-17-1995


* Information extracted from the Canadian Edition of Miata Brochure


There's never been a sports car like it- not among the classic sports cars of yesteryear, nor the exotic high-performance machines of today. Mazda Miata is a car for the 90's that takes you back- to the joys of open-car driving... the wind in your face... the nimble feel of a taut and eager roadster. You'll experience a rush of exhilaration you've never felt before- one that will enrich your driving for years to come. The exciting new Mazda Miata: An enthusiast's dream come true. Again.


A Mazda-designed
Power Plant Frame (PPF):
This special aluminum
structure, usually found
only in far more expensive sports cars, unifies the entire power train into a single unit- giving you an exceptional ''toe-to-road'' feel of direct power flow, with minimal slack, shudder or vibration. Potent stopping power comes from power-assisted 4-wheel disc brakes as standard equipment; for extra resistance to brake fade and lockup, front discs are ventilated, and rear discs are pressure-modulated.

To give you outstanding sports car handling, road-holding and stability, Miata incorporates race-proven 4-wheel double- wishbone suspension technology plus a Mazda-designed toe- control system for the rear wheels to increase manoeuvrability in cornering and quick lane changes. Front and rear stabilizer bars are also included to reduce sway and aid stability.

''The more weight you carry, the harder
it is to move around''- that's a vital key to
superb performance in race cars and sports
cars. And through ingenious engineering
and extensive uses of aluminum and
high-tensile steels, Miata weighs just over
2100 lbs. Moreover, its weight and mass are
concentrated low and inboard, and balanced
virtually 50/50 between front and rear wheels-
contributing to its uncanny agility and
nimble response to your commands.
The heart of Miata performance is its 16-valve 116-hp DOHC engine, specifically developed for high-revving action and lively response throughout a wide rpm range. Its features include multi- port fuel injection, special induction, ignition and exhaust systems, stainless steel exhaust header and exhaust pipe, lightweight flywheel, and precision-cast aluminum head- all contributing to a true sports car level performance. In their relentless quest to enhance road feel and optimize performance, the Miata team enlisted tire manufacturers to develop special high-traction tires exclusively to meet Miata performance specifications. They answer to a rack-and-pinion steering system especially designed to provide smooth, quick response and manoeuvrability, with 3.3 turns lock-to-lock and a 30.0-ft. turning circle. Shock absorbers are a low-pressure gas- filled type, for your riding comfort.
The 5-speed overdrive transmission was especially
engineered to enhance that critical sports-car feeling
of power flow in driving a Miata- quick, slick and
precise. Close gear ratios, super-short throws and
smooth positive action... ''feels like a toggle switch,''
marvels Car and Driver.



You know it, from the moment you settle into the high-backed bucket seat. All the artful Miata engineering comes together here in an incredible sense of command.
The softgrip steering wheel feels thick, comfortable. And behind it: large speedometer and tach, essential analog gauges- white markings on black for easy visibility.

Drop your right hand from the wheel, and flicking the shifter through its short throws is a revelation in precise action.

Miata pedals are precisely placed for quick heel-and-toe interaction between brake and accelerator; the accelerator is a long-travel, ''no-slip'' metal pedal that gives you a ''direct feel'' of power flow.

While you marvel at the ergonomics of a Miata, you'll note other niceties, as well. Surprising headroom and legroom- even for six-plus-footers, even with the top up. And the top is quickly raised from the driver's seat, looks taut and neat, and is unflappable once in place. All that can be learned before you hear the throaty notes of Miata in action!

Mazda offers thoughtful accessories and options to personalize your Miata. Among them: a smoothly tailored tonneau cover; luggage racks in matte black or chrome; a functional and attractive front end mask.


''...a car for those of us who were born too late for the English roadster craze... Mazda tore down the concept of a purebred sports car... and brings back the pure sport of open-air driving...
''The car is light, agile, and quick, with a seat that supports, a wheel that commands, a shifter that snaps, and an exhaust note of sheer exuberance The MX-5 Miata feels just about perfect, delivering every bit of simple fun its voluptuous, organic shape promises.''
Automobile Magazine, March 1989
''This car is alive. It breathes and flexes its muscles and generally behaves more like an organism than a machine... a flat-out blast to drive Nimble, precise, even, smooth- wonderful traits all wrapped up into one neat little package... nothing short of continuous ear-to-ear smiles.''
Autoweek, May 22, 1989
''If you were reading this magazine 30 years ago... no one would have dared dream of a two-seater so deft in its execution... All that's left of the traditional sports car is the fun.
''Mazda engineers wisely recognized that low weight is the key to frisky, zingy, flingable sports cars... A brisk drive... says, 'Mission accomplished sir.' ''
Car and Driver, March, 1989
''Wait 'till you drive the Miata! You'll love it... The lightweight sports car is back! And it's better than ever.
''Twist the key and you're rewarded with a pleasant burble... torque is strong across a wide band... a feeling of directness between the throttle and rear wheels... its combination of communication, responsiveness, predictability and forgiveness makes it the best-handling 2-seater I've driven in recent memory...''
Road & Track, March 1989
''Mazda went to the considerable expense of going to rear-drive on its new sportster... and the resultant handling and feel... are worth the effort... From its unequal length control arms to the one-hand-operated top, the Miata is top-drawer all the way.''
Motor Trend, March 1989


Mazda Miata in Mariner Blue with black convertible top and black interior with
power steering and aluminum alloy wheels.

Mazda Miata in Crystal White with black convertible top and black interior.
Retracting halogen headlamps, colour-keyed bumpers and side mirrors standard.

Mazda Miata in Classic Red with black convertible top and black interior standard.
Optional Mazda-manufactured hardtop shown is available in red only.
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Type			In-line 4-cylinder with dual overhead camshafts
 			and 4 valves per cylinder
Valve gear		DOHC 16-valve
Displacement		1597cc (97 cubic in.)
Bore and stroke		3.1 x 3.3 inches
Compression ration	9.4:1
Horsepower, SAE net	116 @ 6500 rpm
Torque, SAE net lb.-ft.	100 lbs.-ft. @ 5500 rpm
Fuel system		Multi-port electronic fuel injection
Fuel requirement	Unleaded regular


5-speed manual with overdrive Ratios: 1st 3.136 2nd 1.888 3rd 1.330 4th 1.000 5th 0.814 Reverse 3.758 Final drive 4.300 Clutch Single dry plate, hydraulically actuated

Electrical System

Battery Lightweight maintenance-free type, 32 amp/hr Alternator 60 Amp Ignition system Distributor-less electronic


Frame Monocoque, analyzed at 8900 points Suspension Fully independent, double-wishbone type with coil springs and gas-filled shock absorbers, front and rear stabiliser bars Steering Rack-and-pinion type (optional power assist) Steering ratio: 18.0:1 (power assist: 15.0:1) Steering wheel turns, lock-to-lock: 3.3 (power assist: 2.8) Turning circle diameter, curb-to-curb: 30.6 feet (9.14m) Brakes Power-assisted with dual hydraulic circuits 9.3-inch ventilated front discs 9.1-inch rear discs Wheels 5.5JJ-14 styled steel 5.5JJ-14 aluminum alloy (optional) Tires P185/60R14 82H steel-belted radials Fuel capacity 9.9 gallons (45.0 litres) Curb weight 2105 pounds (955kg)

Dimensions inches (mm)

Wheelbase 89.2 (2265) Track: front/rear 55.5/56.2 (1409/1427) Length 155.4 (3947) Headroom 37.1 (942) Width 65.9 (1674) Legroom 42.7 (1084) Height 48.2 (1224) Shoulder room 50.4 (1280)

Exterior/Interior colours

Classic Red/Black Mariner Blue/Black Crystal White/Black

MOT Mileage Estimates

5-speed City: 29 MPG; 9.7L/100km Highway: 40 MPG; 7.1L/100km

Mechanical Features

  • 16L DOHC 16-valve engine S
  • Sport-tuned stainless steelexhaust system with tubular header S
  • 5-speed manual transmission with overdrive S
  • Power Plant Frame (PPF) S
  • Rear-wheel drive S
  • Rack-and-pinion steering S
  • Power-assisted 4-wheel disc brakes S Return to Top of Document.

    Exterior Features

  • 14-inch styled steel wheels with bright center caps S
  • P185/60HR14 steel-belted radial tires S
  • Dual colour-keyed outside rearview mirrors S
  • 2-speed windshield wipers with intermittent and 1-wipe featuresS
  • Tinted glass S
  • Retractable halogen headlamps S
  • Aluminum hood S
  • Manual soft folding top S
  • Daytime running lights S Return to Top of Document.

    Interior Features

  • Highback reclining bucket seats S
  • Black cloth upholstery S
  • Loop-pile carpeting S
  • Full center console with lockable storage compartment S
  • Lockable glove box S
  • Map pocket on back of passenger's seat S
  • Remote fuel-filler door release S
  • Day/night rearview mirror S
  • Double-fold sun visors with passenger's vanity mirror S
  • Two dashboard-mounted courtesy lights S
  • 8000-rpm tachometer with 7000-rpm redline S
  • 220-kph speedometer S
  • Resettable trip odometer S
  • Gauges for engine coolant temperature, oil presure, and fuel levelS
  • 3-spoke steering wheel with soft rim S
  • Heater/defroster with 4-speed blower and side-window demisters S
  • AM/FM stereo ETR w/cassette 2-speaker radio S
  • Compact spare tire S Return to Top of Document.

    Options and Accessories

  • Power-assisted steering O
  • Aluminum alloy wheels O
  • Removable hartop with glass window (Classic Red only) O
  • Air conditioning A
  • Protective front mask A
  • Rear spoiler A
  • Front air dam, rear spoiler, and skirt A
  • Decklid-mounted luggage rack (available in black or chrome) A
  • Vinyl tonneau cover A
  • Front air dam A
  • Rear valance A
  • S: Standard O: Optional A: Dealer-installed accessory

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    Mazda's Leadership Warranty

    The basic warranty on Mazda vehicles covers all parts found to be factory defective for 3 years or 80,000 KM's, whichever comes first. Additional warranties cover major components for a period of 5 years or 100,000KM's, body sheet metal perforation for 5 years and unlimited mileage and emission control components for 5 years or 80,000 KM's. Exclusions from coverage are limited to maintenance items adjustments (repairs not requiring parts replacement) on vehicles over 12 months old and repairs due to normal wear and tear. Please see your Mazda Dealer for details.
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    It only begins with inspired engineering... it carries through in the extraordinary quality of the cars and trucks we build... and it is proudly reflected in a warranty that is more comprehensive than is provided for most cars and trucks.
    The Mazda warranty provides coverage on major components of your vehicle for 5 years or 100,000 km. Included in this is ''bumper-to- bumper'' coverage of the entire vehicle for 3 years or 80,000 km. Moreover, there are no deductible fees charged to you for waranty services during the life of the warranty.
    It's a better kind of easy-to-use, owner-friendly protection preferred by buyers today. And it's another Mazda way of demonstrating our pride and confidence in every product that wears the Mazda name- another way you can just feel right about the new Mazda you drive in the '90s.
    Thank you for visiting this HyperText Mazda MIATA Brochure,
    hope you enjoyed it.
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