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Brain Storm Low Profile Headlight Installation

(part 2)

6. Remove the 2 pivot bolts.

pic00028.jpg (165911 bytes) pic00029.jpg (169343 bytes)

7. Lift the bucket assembly out of the car.

pic00030.jpg (242830 bytes)

8. Remove the other end of the crank rod from the bucket pivot.

pic00032.jpg (313435 bytes)

9. Remove the two brass bushings from the stock bucket.

pic00033.jpg (234694 bytes) pic00034.jpg (230846 bytes)

Be very careful. You will have to reuse these. Gently tap the bushing out using a hammer and small socket.

pic00035.jpg (211559 bytes) pic00036.jpg (157845 bytes)

10. Here is everything that came in the kit.

pic00037.jpg (249853 bytes)

And here it is removed from the plastic.

pic00039.jpg (325174 bytes)

11. I couldn't figure out what these 6 odd sized washers were for.

pic00040.jpg (374596 bytes)

They are used as spacers during the headlight lid reinstallation.

12. The rounded part of the new bucket is the top.

pic00042.jpg (249351 bytes)

13. This square "step" on the side tells the difference between the left and right buckets.

pic00043.jpg (294684 bytes)

The "step" goes towards the outside of the car - towards the fender. The inside has no "step".

pic00044.jpg (141103 bytes)

14. These are the floater rings.

pic00045.jpg (317076 bytes)

Notice how these have red dots on them? They are for the drivers side. Also notice that each ring is arranged for one hole in the middle and two holes on the outside.

15. Here are the tabs that you will use to attach the headlights to the floater rings.

pic00046.jpg (209141 bytes) pic00047.jpg (317577 bytes)

16. Here is what they look like attached.

pic00048.jpg (293888 bytes)

Notice that the tab faces towards the back of the headlight?

pic00049.jpg (208787 bytes)

I tried to put this together backwards the first time.

17. Attach the headlight and floater plate to the bucket by using the longer screws and the springs like this.

pic00050.jpg (178878 bytes)

Thread the screw about a " through the back of the bucket like this.

pic00051.jpg (191503 bytes)


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