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Brain Storm Low Profile Headlight Installation

(part 3)

18. Here is what the assembled bucket now looks like with all 6 screws in.

pic00052.jpg (232720 bytes) pic00053.jpg (221374 bytes) pic00054.jpg (287899 bytes)

19. Add nyloc nuts to the part of the screws that are sticking out the back of the bucket.

pic00055.jpg (143048 bytes) pic00056.jpg (135778 bytes)

Only tighten them until they are flush with the bolt end. Their only purpose is to keep the screws from being adjusted all the way out.

20. Now mount the relay to the inside front middle of the bucket.

pic00057.jpg (189856 bytes)

Be sure to put it sideways so that none of the wires will touch the lamps. They get very hot and will melt the wires if they touch.

21. Connect the wires like this.

pic00059.jpg (275762 bytes)

Black to black, relay white to low beam white, relay orange to high beam white. (In case you didn't know, the lamp that will be closest to the outside fender of the car is supposed to be your low beam.)

22. Install the pivot to the rear of the bucket.

pic00060.jpg (201215 bytes)

Notice that the nut is on the opposite side as the square hole? Yup. I got this one to mount backwards the first time too.

23. Remove the rubber bumpstop bolt from the old bucket assembly.

pic00061.jpg (161271 bytes) pic00062.jpg (107331 bytes)

BSP recommends that you pull the rubber off the bolt to get at the hex head under it. I used a flat blade screwdriver with the slot on the other end of the bolt.

pic00063.jpg (157997 bytes) pic00064.jpg (152254 bytes)

Just be careful. The bold is kind of soft and won't take much abuse.

24. Install the rubber bumpstop bolt on the new bucket.

pic00065.jpg (215850 bytes) pic00066.jpg (259367 bytes)

Make sure that you have it installed the right direction. The rubber part sort of faces away from the pivot bolt. The previous couple of pics are wrong. Here is how it's gonna look.

pic00082.jpg (247280 bytes) pic00083.jpg (234215 bytes)

25. Now gently tap or press the old brass bushings into the holes on the new bucket.

pic00068.jpg (282883 bytes) pic00069.jpg (317050 bytes)

I ended up using a vise to press it in and could not get it to seat all the way.

pic00067.jpg (219313 bytes)

Not a problem. It works fine when done.

26. Remove the stock pivot arm from the retractor motor. It's a bit hard to get to. I used a box end wrench.

pic00071.jpg (193545 bytes) pic00072.jpg (122870 bytes)

Here is what it looks like with the pivot arm removed.

pic00074.jpg (123714 bytes)

And here it is again from the front.

pic00075.jpg (673007 bytes)


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