Interior Light mod

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Now it's time to decide how you want your new upper lights to operate. I chose to wire the driver side new light to the driver side stock dash light and visa versa. This way the passenger can turn on their light to read something without the light above the driver going on. Each new light is controlled by the corresponding dash light switch, meaning the upper light is on whenever the stock dash light on that side is on (when doors are open, or when switch is turned on).

Now to route the wires. You will need to take the top striker plates off for this. Route them one at a time so as not to confuse the positive and the negative wires (I tied a little knot in the end of the positive wire). I fed mine through the hole around the visor base, between the plastic and metal. The wire then goes down the side trim pieces to under the dash and finally to the stock dash lights on each side. To get the wire down the side trim piece, it is necessary to partially remove the rubber seal along the edge of the trim. You then need to pry the trim away from the metal frame (I used a flat blade screw driver as shown in the picture) because it is held in place by VERY sticky black goo (THIS is when you want your plastic surgeon's gloves on).


Now pop the stock dash switch out using a flat blade screw driver. The lens will come off first, then the housing to the light. Route the wires under the dash and through the hole for the dash lights so they hang out toward you.

Flip the switch around and find the red wire going to the switch. This is the wire you will tap for the positive power for you lights. The screw on the back of the sliding part of the switch is where you will connect the negative wire. Cut your wires to length so they do not hang down loose behind the dash.

Use your clip-on wire tap and connect the positive wire to the red wire for the switch.

The blue thing in the picture is the clip on wire tap to the red positive wire.

Loosen the screw on the back of the sliding part of the switch and clamp the negative wire between it and the metal plate. Your light should now go on when ever the stock light is on.

Now to mount the light. Take up any slack in the wires and shove it down the side trim. Slide the socket up into the hole. The sockets I got had the positive wire coming out of the back of the socket, but there was enough room to lead the wire back out of the hole and behind the trim. Now put the visor mount over the socket and tighten down a little. My mounts would not go all the way on because of the size of the socket, but you cannot see any gap. Just tighten the mount down evenly.

You're done!

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