20037624.jpg "Since they do get hot, and I wanted to make SURE they would never be on for long periods, (like when you leave the door open) AND I wanted to be able to use them individually (so the passenger could use theirs without completely blinding the driver) I mounted two momentary switches in the blank panel where the power window switches would be. I ran all my wiring (a 5 conductor, 18 guage cable) up the passenger side pillar, and across the top of the windshield, and I have no detectable rattles. My cable is also double insulated, as there's a heavy gray insulation over the bundle of wires. (Actually, it's antenna rotor cable, 4 conductors and a ground shield.) I grounded one wire beneath the a screw which mounts the visor plug. (If you look closely, you can see the tail of the wire beside the screw in the first picture.) The other wire runs to the switch, to get 12 volts to light the light. [note from Hakuna: this grounding method will NOT work if you want them to operate via the switched door lights.] These suckers are VERY bright, and completely light up your lap area. You can easily read the fine print on your map, even in the dead of night. INSTANT sunshine! The lights are 891/BP which I got from Walmart for $4.96 each. alcarina@cs.com "