20037626.jpg UPDATE: My lights are good enough for maps and look cool, but if you want LIGHT, Don (dlmr) has a better install for you: "My visor plug lights are a COMPLETELY different approach. I wanted something BRIGHT so I could read, or use a map. I mounted tiny, 10 watt halogen brake light bulbs ($4.50 each, just for the bulbs) in a 1 inch long piece of 5/16ths copper tubing (to dissipate the heat) and friction fit the copper tubing into a slightly enlarged hole in the visor plugs. The bulbs come in at least two different styles. Mine have a nice round bottom on them, like the 194's Hakuna used. Some of these bulbs have a little glass tail which sticks down and diffuses the light. All the bulbs I saw at Walmart have the round bottoms like I used. The bulbs fit a touch loosely inside 5/16ths copper tubing. When you cut the copper tubing with a tubing cutter, it shrinks the end of it and forms a little flange that the bulb fits against which allows it to stick out of the tubing by just the right amount. If it stuck out any more, the light would go everywhere - Any less, and the light would be a tight beam hitting you just in your lap. If desired, the bulbs can be sealed into the tubing with a drop of epoxy on the back side. The wires have to be soldered to the two pins sticking out of the bulb, and I used a little tape around the joint to make sure neither touched each other, or the inside of the tubing."