Fly a flag on your Miata!

Looking for a way to fly a flag on your Miata?

Here is a quick and easy way to do it.  Remove the rear bolt from the hard top attaching point (chrome strips) by using a large Phillips head screwdriver.  This leaves a great hole you can stick a flag mast into.  This will work for both M1 and M2 Miatas.  You might want to use a flag made out of material vs. plastic, like I had. The plastic tends to flap it's self apart when you get to speed over 55mph.  Also it is a good idea to try and clip or tape something to the mast in side the trunk to keep the flag from coming out of the hole while you drive.  

You can also fly a flag with the top down by pressing the passenger seat back against the mast of the flag and trapping it behind the seat back and bulkhead.  

God Bless America,
Capt Chris Lambert
USAF Pilot

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