KFRC Has an Opinion on Miata Drivers

Doug Pocius was listening to the radio yesterday and heard some things about our favorite roadster that he wanted to share.

From doug_pocius@hp-sanjose-om1.om.hp.com  Tue Mar 12 12:02:38 1996
Subject: Flaming on KFRC

Did anyone else listen to KFRC this morning?  I was witness to 
morning host Gary Bryan railing against the manhood of 
Miata drivers for the better part of an hour!  Yes, he went
on, sometimes rather vehemently, proclaiming that a real
man shouldn't be seen behind the wheel of our beloved Eunos!
Worse yet, this pissant invited callers to participate in 
identifying girl-cars and guy-cars.  The guy-car ID's, as 
one might guess, tended toward the old American V-8
dinousaurs, while the girl-cars tended to be contemperary
imports, with a strange emphasis on Swedish vehicles.  
All the while, between callers and songs, Bryan continued 
his diatribe against our car, calling us male owners,
"incapable of bearing children", and a "disgrace".
All humor aside, the fervor of his attack seemed rather
unusual.  Perhaps he was aced out on his way to work by a
Miata driver exhibiting no more than a normal display of 
the car's agile handling in city traffic.  Or perhaps his
girlfriend ditched him for a Miata-driving stud at a bar
last night.  Whatever the case, methinks he doth protest 
too loudly!  
Please see to it that this news reaches the highest level
of attention in the Miata community.  I would like to see 
a report of this incident in the club magazine.  A boycott
of KFRC and its prime advertisers would also be in order.
Perhaps a noontime rally by the local club chapter at the 
KFRC studios could be arranged.  Whatever else, the message
should be spread that the Miata is favored by rational, 
passionate folks of both genders who generally avoid trite
and divisive stereotypical characterizations as those I was
subjected to by  Gary Bryan on KFRC, San Francisco, this

...and a follow up

From doug_pocius@hp-sanjose-om1.om.hp.com  Tue Mar 12 12:02:38 1996
Subject: Flaming on KFRC

I called KFRC this morning to get an E-mail address so they could be properly
flamed for the attack on the manhood of male Miata drivers by Gary Bryan, morning
show host and all-around Neanderthal.  The address is:


I would be interested in hearing from anyone else that heard this performance.

All for now,