New Body Shop Found

By Greg Worth -

An article from the April 1997 newsletter
"The Limited Edition"
Miata Club of America
Sea to Sky Chapter
Vancouver BC Canada

In these days when the front wheel drive "cup holder shod" mini van is the king of the road and the choice of the masses, why would anyone purchase a cloth topped, two seater with less trunk space than most large suitcases?...

Why not?...It's a hoot!...Life's too short to be taken too seriously!

When most people hear the word "Tattoo" a myriad of thoughts can cross their minds. The first (and most frequent) range from...No Way!...How Could You?...That's Disgusting! Others entertain the idea that it's o.k., cause it'll wash off in three or four days! Except, we're talking Tattoo, not "decal" here. The least common thought is...Why not?...It's a hoot!...Life's too short to be taken too seriously!

With that thought in mind, Sea to Sky Chapter members Laura Angus and Greg Worth found themselves "under the needle" at Vancouver's Sacred Heart Tattoo Studio a few Friday nights ago.There's been a lot of talk around the Chapter about Miata 3-day Temporary Tattoos...but as the former President of the chapter, Greg pronounced..."Real Tattoos for Real Miataphiles!" Laura had found a Miata cartoon that would be suitable for both her and Greg...and her time had come! Shawn Hedley the skin artist called her into the studio and prepared to illustrate Lauras 92 Sunburst Yellow on her left shoulder. Shawn fired up the stylus. the "buzz" caused Laura to grit her teeth, but once under way, found the experience not as painful as it had been in her imaginings the past few days.

Greg was next up, the needle full of 90 Classic Red soon placed the little MX-5 on his left arm. Laura and Greg had engineered the Tattoo so that at speed, the wind would blow back Laura's long blonde locks and push back the sleeve on Greg's t-shirt to reveal the artwork!

One week later, both Laura and Greg are very happy with Shawn's work. and they are feeling rather smug that this just might be the "ultimate" after market item!

1997 Mazda Miata MX-5 Tattoo

Technical Specifications

Manufacturer   Shawn Hedley
Sacred Heart Tattoo
3734 W 10th Avenue
Vancouver BC Canada
Price as Tested
(standard equipment includes loud really neat music, excessive cigarette smoke filled environment, bothersome "buzzing sound", some discomfort and bleeding, great staff, lifetime guarantee)
Angus $70.00 app taxes
Worth $80.00 app taxes
Power Angus 1969 Canadian estrogen powered normally aspirated biped

Fuel - Italian/Mexican

Worth 1955 American testosterone powered normally aspirated biped

Fuel - Red Meat/Fermented yeast products

Dimensions Angus Height 3/4 in
Width 3/4 in
Length 1 1/4 in
Wheelbase 1/4 in
Worth Height 1 1/2 in
Width 1 1/2 in
Length 2 1/4 in
Wheelbase 1/2 in

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