Pet Peeves

You know how sometimes you're driving down the road and you see something that just sends you throught the roof? OK, so if the top is down there's no roof, fine. Well here's a list of a few of those things that just drive us nuts!

People who don't clean the snow off their windshield. They turn on the wipers which clears about 1 square foot. I guess they have some sort of special vision equipment since they obviously can't see anything in their rear view mirror.
People who don't clean the snow off their lights. I guess they figure as long as they can see, who cares that no one sees them.
People who buy 4 wheel drive vehicles and drive them in snow as though they were on dry roads. I always hope I'll see them stuck in a ditch facing the opposite direction when I catch up to them.
4 wheel drive manufacturers who, in their ads, present their vehicles as handling the same in snow as they do on dry roads.
Women who apply makeup at 55 miles per hour when they're not in the passenger's seat. I've always wished they would hit a pothole. They'd come to work looking like Marcel Marceau.

People who drive with a cellular phone tucked between their shoulder and their neck, with one hand on the wheel, and the other hand writing something down, all at 55 miles per hour. Usually identified by the telltale "drifting over the line".


People who, in bumper to bumper traffic, decide to shoot down the shoulder to bypass the traffic. Is their time more valuable than mine?
People who will clog up a parking lot waiting for a parking space close to the mall entrance when there are hundreds of empty spots only another 50 yards away.
People who put their parking lights on at dusk, and then forget to put the headlights on. Parking lights should be illegal. I can't think of a single situation where it makes more sense to have just the parking lights on then the headlights. Except maybe when you're parked. Maybe the automakers should have them wired to the transmission.
People who think the little blue indicator on the dash means that their lights are working.
People who signal a turn and then go straight. People who speed up to prevent you from changing lanes. They don't get where they're going any faster, but they're going to make damned sure they get there before you do.

People, well, cars, with stinky exhaust.

People who think turn signals are only to remind them which way they wanted to turn. Either that or they have broken pinky fingers and can't flip the little lever. Why else would they refuse to use them?

People who miss their exit, then back up a couple of hundred yards in high speed traffic because they're too lazy to go to the next exit and turn around.

People who pull into the exact change lane without it.

People who decide that the toll collector is the best person to ask for directions from New York to Baton Rouge. Usually during rush hour.

Gas station attendents (here in New Jersey its illegal to pump your own) who think gasoline can only be sold in increments of $1.00 and would rather dump $.99 worth on your car's paint and on the ground than deal with coins. This must be true since they do it even if you're using a charge card.

People who think Yield signs are just a suggestion. States that allow people to continue driving, whom, at age 17 didn't even need glasses but at age 79 are legally blind.

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