Miata Slang

Compiled by Chris Lambert, with contributions by Jeff Anderson and Mike Pablo

Baby Teeth – Tie down hooks in the front mouth that should never be used for towing so most enthusiast remove them.

Barn doors - M1 headlights in the up position

Eyeball vents - Air-conditioning/heater vents nicknamed this because they
are shaped and move like eyeballs.

Frankenstein bolts – hardtop attaching bolts that came standard on M1s

Hand Check – When called for over the CB during a caravans of Miatas, the driver and passenger hold their hands in the air as if they were going over a big drop on a roller coaster.

M1 - 1st generation Miata ’90 – ’97

M2 - 2nd generation Miata ’99 to present

Miata – Old German word meaning “high reward”

Miatae – Plural of Miata, or a group of Miatas

Miata Wave – flashing the barn doors or just waving wildly when you see another Miata

Miatatude – The attitude one develops after buying a Miata

MSU – Miata Spending Units. Allotted money you can spend on your Miata.

MSV – Miata Support Vehicle. The other car you own.

“Oblivious” – When another Miata owner doesn’t wave back

OTM – Other Than Miata – cars that are not Miatas

Toilet bowl – What the Mazda logo badge looks like on the front nose of ’93 to ’97 Miatas“

Trigger finger” – placing your thumbs on the horns buttons of an M1 when you are in traffic.

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4 February, 2002