The MX-5 Miata of the Month from

March 1998

Dean Dijanic
Zagreb, Croatia  

Congratulations to Dean on the selection of his Miata, as our March
Miata of the Month!

9803_2.jpg (17933 bytes)When I first looked at the Miata in 1989, it was love at first sight - and also good deal of sorrow - because a Miata in Croatia at that time was around $40,000. (It's not a mistake - and it's not much cheaper now either). But life can be a very funny thing. My story begins in 1991 when one of the auto dealers from Zagreb, Croatia imported a single silver Miata from California for the local auto show in Zagreb. (Nobody here at that  time realized what the future would bring (war)). At this auto show this dealer sold everything but this Miata. But, because of the escalation of war, he was able to ship the Miata back from the show. For security reasons, he put it away in  a well secured garage. After that, he left the country.

9803_5.jpg (18591 bytes)He was back in Croatia in 1994. First, he wants to sell this Miata, and he put an ad in the yellow pages. I saw it and when I found out that price was around $18,000, I didn't think for a moment. It's not because of war, but when I first sat in MY Miata, I was out of time - and everybody tell's me that I still am (you know, Adriatic coast is a dream come true for Miatas!)

After some time, first thing that I wanted to change was the stereo system. After some adjustments on the car, I installed 1.8 kW stereo system. It was a blast and it still is. Day after day I was improving my Miata according to my taste. 16'' wheels, 205 tires, spoilers around the car, Racing Beat intake system, mini driving light's, low profile headlight kit, dual exhaust 90 mm, etc. The beauty is that I am still doing that, and I believe that I will never stop, because this car offers endless opportunity for improvement.

9803_3.jpg (17412 bytes)Before the Miata, I didn't have any desire to learn about my car. But with the Miata, this work became a huge joy for me. When I discovered, a whole new dimension for Miata accessories was presented to me. After all,  you must know that the aftermarket in Europe for the MX-5 Miata is almost non-existent.

After my four years with my Miata, I still don't have any desire to change. (I wonder if I'll ever have). With  this attitude, it really helps my single status. However, through I was and I still am in a position for knowing and also meeting some new friend's, and I would like to take this opportunity to say hi to all of them.

9803_4.jpg (16681 bytes)

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