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lammers1.jpg (20041 bytes)March 1999

Jason Lammers
Millbrae, CA

Congratulations to Jason on the selection of his Miata, as our March
Miata of the Month!

lammers2.jpg (16526 bytes)My Miata story begins 7 years ago when I was 20 years old. I have been  driving a 89 Honda CRX that was given to me by my father upon graduation  from high school. It was red, brand new and okay to drive. Driving it for  two years was very unsatisfying and my interest in a new car was high in  the summer of 91.

I began looking for cars and finally decided on two models; a Miata or a  Camaro Z28 convertible. I test drove both cars three times before finally   deciding on the Miata. I was test driving a red Miata and was happy with  it until I walked onto the showroom floor and saw a "Fresh off the truck"   British Racing Green Miata. I sat down in the drivers seat and wrapped my   hands around the steering wheel and only imagined driving a car like this.   The leather seats felt like hard butter (butter right out of the fridge)  and the wood shift knob felt like something from old world Britain. I was  instantly in love with this car.

lammers4.jpg (21667 bytes)The salesman was less than interested in selling the BRG to a young kid  like me wearing shorts and a T-shirt. I think he thought I couldn't afford  such a car and perhaps he was right as the first two years were hard on me  to make the monthly payments. He checked my credit and realized that I was  very eligible to purchase this car and moved to the BRG as the car for me.   The dealer had a $10,000 dealer markup on the unit with a final asking  price of $31,245. Even though I was a young kid, I laughed at him and said  "I will pay MSRP and that is it, if we can't settle on that price, I am out  of here!" We did finally settle on MSRP and I drove it home t hat night.

I was a fan from that night on. I joined the Miata Magazine and took   extremely good care of my new baby.

During the past seven years, my BRG has been garaged everyday and has only  been driven in the rain once. Needless to say it still looks brand new.   It has 48,890 miles on it and I loved every one of those.

lammers5.jpg (21613 bytes)I have added numerous extra's to the car:

I love this car just as much today as the day I drove it home from the  dealer. Although I have gained 20 pounds and could easily afford another   more luxurious car, I do not want to part with my baby.

Yesterday, a few teenage girls were walking home from school and yelled  "Nice Car!" I said thanks and a huge smile never left my face for the rest  of the day.

With all of the minor modifications I did to my baby, it looks very unique  on the road. I wanted to keep my car original looking but added small   touches here and there to customize my car without looking gaudy. Even  though it is 7 years old, it turns just as many heads today as the day I  bought it.

lammers3.jpg (27898 bytes)This car always brings a smile to my face. It is a form of therapy for me  that is incomparable. Whenever a bad day strikes, a drive down the  California coast with the top down always spells relief for me. I even  joke around when the Rolaids commercial comes on and they ask...How do you   spell relief? M-I-A-T-A has always been my answer. has been a great resource for me. I usually check them out once  a month for new products, reviews and maintenance tips. I am glad you are   here!

This car has literally changed my life. I hope to never part with it.

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