The MX-5 Miata of the Month from

December 2001

Beto Villafañe

Congratulations to Beto Villafañe on the selection of his Miata as our December
Miata of the Month!

It happened in 1999, here in Puerto Rico. I was driving from my hometown Utuado to San Juan with two of my daughters. I was planning on buying another car, but was not sure on what to buy. Sports cars had always been on my mind as something I loved to have. After passing by the toll at Manati, my daughter Mari pointed at a Miata passing by and said: "Pa, you should buy a Miata!". She sounded so convincing that I said: "yes, that's what I'll buy".

In our way back to Utuado, we went by a car dealer to see if they had any Miatas, and we saw some from the outside as the place was closed.

But when we got home, I called my son Rafy and told him about buying a Miata. He remembered that a friend of his was selling one and before I knew, he was in my house with a '95 Montego Blue Miata. Yeap, it was love at first sight!!! We talked about numbers and the deal was almost immediately closed.

The car was in excellent conditions. It only had 23,000 miles, with all the maintenance records, tan leather interiors, beautiful, like new carpets, Pioneer CD/cassette radio with speakers all over including at the back of the seat!

My experience with sports cars goes back to the '60s. I had a 1963 MG Sprite (and apparently a 1958 Nash Metropolitan convertible - ed.), but when my family grew to 4 children plus my wife and myself, we had to switch to a station wagon. The years passed but I always knew that sooner or later I will have another sports car!!.

I must say that at any age, but much more at mine, (being a grandfather) it is unbelievable the feeling that you get when you drive a Miata and again... much more here in the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico. I usually go with my wife Dylia, but when there is a Miata tour, my grandson José sits on the passenger seat and his brother Nelson may follow the group of Miatas in his Nissan...

On a sunny Sunday, last year during summer, José saw a group of Miatas driving by our town. He told me, and we drove to meet them. They were parked at our local Burger King and were very happy to see us and to see a Miata from the town they were visiting. They were from the western part of Puerto Rico, mainly Mayaguez and surrounding towns. We talked for a while and later we called another friend of us from town (Migue) who has another Miata. We went with the group for a ride to Arecibo and later on have joined them on tours by the Island.

I must say that the when you are a sports car fan, it is an experience to get in the car and go for a ride. For those thinking about buying a sports car, I can only say that for me driving my Miata is having lots of fun!!!!

I will like to add that in addition to being in a tour by the Island with the Miata friends from the western part of Puerto Rico, we have also enjoyed touring with the Miata Club from the metropolitan area. Abraham, Jose L. and the rest of the group are very enthusiastic about Miatas and you have a great time with them.

Written by Beto Villafañe from Utuado, Puerto Rico

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