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The MX-5 Miata of the Month from

June 2002

Jesse Buehl and Bronson Wahl

Congratulations to Jesse and Bronson on the selection of their Miata as our June Miata of the Month!

My boyfriend bought our Miata on July 4, 2000, and I truly believe our love for this car is part of what has kept us together.

Before After

Our little yellow '91 used to be red, until July of 2001. When Bub (my boyfriend) bought it, it had apparently just had some sort of accident with a ladder, so there were a few large scratches on the back. Bub decided it needed to be repainted and gave me authority over the color, so I chose Sunburst Yellow. I don't think he was overly enthusiastic about this choice at the time, but now we both love it!

Lacking the money to have the car professionally painted, we decided to do it ourselves. Bub had painted a few cars in the past, but it was extremely tough taking a piece of sandpaper to our little baby. With the first application of paint thinner came a stream of regrets. The painting of the car was quite a bonding experience in itself. We spent many hot, stressful nights (sometimes until 3:00 A.M.) after work painting the little guy. It's amazing how small that car really is when you take everything off of it, yet it's even more amazing how long it takes to paint a car that little! After a lot of grumbling, swearing, and yelling about the damn Wisconsin heat and humidity, the car was a bright, beautiful yellow!

Our friends and family had been skeptical when we told them we were painting the Miata yellow, but when they saw it, they were so jealous! That little car draws so much attention anywhere we go! We constantly get compliments at stoplights, car dealerships, and parking lots. Our friends are always borrowing it and begging rides! Bub only has one condition for anyone who requests a ride in the Miata: if it's over 50 degrees outside, the top must be down! Keeping a sweatshirt handy is always recommended when riding with him!

This Miata has been the one thing that Bub and I have consistently agreed on in our five-year relationship. Although we're both college students, and Bub really can't afford car payments for two cars, we would honestly have a really hard time parting with it. Bub is half-heartedly trying to sell it, but I don't want him to, and I know he really doesn't want to either. When I found out he had put it on the market, it brought tears to my eyes. I really love that little car! It just puts a smile on my face to see the little yellow Miata pull into my driveway to pick me up for a weekend (I suppose it's pretty nice to get to see my boyfriend too)!

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