The MX-5 Miata of the Month from

January 2003

Greg Walter


Congratulations to Greg Walter on the selection of his Miata LTL-VIPR as our January Miata of the Month!

How many of you can say that the first car you ever owned was a sports car? Well, I can.

I have always had a dream of owning a Dodge Viper GTS. Knowing that I don't have nearly enough money, I fell in love with the Mazda Miata. At the age of 14 I started to search for a used Miata. While I kept searching day by day, my parents needed a little convincing to allow me to purchase a sports car. They kept saying that the death rates in a sports car are too high, especially in a convertible. Then late one night, I found the car of my dreams: a 1993 Mazda Miata painted like a Dodge Viper GTS (Dark blue metallic with 2 white racing stripes). I begged non-stop for my parents to take a look at it. One morning in our local newspaper there was a death of a person who flipped in a Miata as he came off of an exit ramp. I was crushed when I read this. For sure, my parents were not going to allow me to buy this car. I pleaded with my parents at least to let me go and look at it. They finally broke down and said, "Okay". This was music to my ears. The next day my mom drove me down to the dealer. We had trouble finding it, and we were about to go home when all of a sudden, I spotted it, out of the corner of my eye, the car of my dreams. It looked so perfect, every shape, every line, every last detail of this car begged to be in my garage. From the instance my eyes saw it, everyone knew it was going to be mine. My parents were still not happy with the car. They both set a standard: I was allowed to buy the car only and only if I bought a 4 point roll bar and had it installed. I agreed with them over and over again saying that I liked the roll bar idea and that it added a new style to the car. Then at the young age of 15, I bought MYSELF my first car. I have always had a job since the age of 12 and I saved everything I earned for a moment like this. I pulled out my check book and wrote the man a check for my first car!!!

Now I am 18 years old and still own this marvelous machine. For the past 3 years I have done many modifications to it, everything from new sill plates to installing a new engine. Every last alteration that was added to my car has been hand molded by me. I believe that if you want to learn the most about cars, then you have to do all the work.

This Miata has done more for me then being my first car; it has allowed me to strive for new goals in life, work hard so I can devote my time and money to it, and it also allows me to learn many new skills that I might have not known that I had. I have tried to join car clubs in my area; however, because I am still in high school, it is hard to find time. I am now moving on in life to college at Penn State University studying Mechanical Engineering and I am going to miss my car very dearly. However, I know that when I return to "her" after schooling, she will do me well, and teach me more then I have ever dreamed of.

I know that I will keep my 1993 Mazda Miata for as long as I can, and I will always remember having it as my first car.

I have created a website about my car which has extensive details on every modification that I completed: new engine, intake, exhaust, interior, exterior, and sound system improvements. Please take time and check it out!


Thanks to everyone for taking your time and learning a little about me. Please fell free to e-mail me and ask any questions you want. I have a great story about distributor problems, e-mail me and I will share.

Greg Walter
E-mail: baseballking3@hotmail.com

P.S. - My license plate reads "Ltl-viper"!

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