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September 2007

Brinn Krabbenhoft and her pink Miata!
Brika on

Congratulations to Brinn on the selection of her Miata as the September Miata of the Month!

My quest for a pink car began one year ago.  It started as a silly idea.  I began to yearn for a small and fun car after I lost 165 pounds. I saw a small convertible and thought I want to drive that! To have the top down with the sun on my shoulders and the wind in my hair. Feeling free and fancy!

The car that sparked my idea was a 1992 Geo Metro Convertible. My husband Jason hated the car. The fact that it had been rolled and badly repaired, had a missing top,a wet interior, and that it was priced $2000 over top book... didn't impress him.  He told me, "hun, no, just no."  I was disappointed but decided I'd keep looking, just for fun.  

It was after months of searching - 6 months to be exact - that I first laid eyes on my car.  A 1991 silver Mazda Miata.  It was the first Miata I'd ever seen and within 10 hours of an Ebay auction I'd bought the car. I know, I know I should have shopped around... but to tell you the truth, I was as ecstatic as Jason was shocked.  Even though he had looked at it and said it looked good and I'd called my dad and talked it through with him. I'm not the spontaneous type. Really, I'm not.  And no one could believe that I'd bought it sight unseen on Ebay.  But the deed was done, and then next weeked we took a road trip to Illinois in a rental car to pick her up.  We were like two kids sneaking off in the night.  It was a blast driving her home and discussing how to make the rest of my dream a reality.

Thanks to my talented auto body tech/painter husband and the fact my family owns a body shop we now have the "Razzleberry Roadster".  We spent hours choosing a paint color only to find out the choice we made would cost more than what we paid for the car, even at wholesale prices. A quick call to our PPG rep and the paint was delivered FREE.  This couldn't get better!  A pink car was my dream, the color we found was that the price was right we had a green light to begin the transformation.

I'm thrilled beyond words with the result and now we're waiting not so patiently for some sunny weather to take her out and learn the joy of driving her.  "Razzle" has become a common focus for Jason and I.  We have really enjoyed spending time working on her together.

Originally, my idea was to create a fun junker car with girlyness.  I wanted pink, glitz and glam, maybe even add a feather boa!  What happened to me in the process I didn't expect.  The car seemed too sophisticated to be blinged out.  So, my attitude changed.  I think what we ended up with is the perfect balance of fun and class.

The "silly" dream I had was one I didn't really think would happen, now that it has, I'm sure glad... I'm a dreamer.

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