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Meguiar's PlastX

[3/29/2009] Reviewed by: Beastie

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+ 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Plastic cleaner and polish gel. According to Meguiar's "this easy-to-use, rich gel formula quickly restores optical clarity to both rigid and flexible clear plastics. Cutting-edge advancements in Meguiar?s® exclusive Microscopic Diminishing Abrasive™ Technology (MDAT) remove light oxidation, chemical degradation, surface contamination, stains and light surface scratches with ease. Special highly water resistant polymers provide long lasting durable protection to keep your clear plastics clear and beautiful longer. We recommend applying PlastX with a High Tech Applicator Pad or Ultra Plush Super Terry and using an Ultra Plush Super Terry or Supreme Shine® Microfiber for the final wipe-off."

I use it on my headlights and it easily removes the cloudiness in my headlights. I use a microfiber towel to buff and wipe off. Not much effort or time involved to get my headlights clear again. In about 2 months time, it required a reapplication of PlastX as the cloudiness came back in some parts of the headlight. Since I get great results with minimum effort, I would recommend this product.

I also used this on a motorcycle windshield made of plastic and it worked well. Cleared up some really cloudy plastic.

Not an installed item

Meguiar's NXT Paste Wax

[3/19/2005] Reviewed by: Beastie

Applicable to:

This is an excellent wax from your local auto parts store. It is a very good looking wax especially on darker colors. It combines the gloss of sealants with the depth and liquid look of carnaubas. I initially had a ho-hum reaction the first time I used NXT Paste Wax. It looked like Turtle Wax at first. I said "What's the big deal?". I was expecting more. So I QD'd it with EO Wet Wipe N' Shine. Better but still nothing special. Then the next day, it looked like a different wax. It was looking good. Glossy and deep, darkened the sapphire blue metallic on my car and made the metal flakes pop. Then I stood back admiring it. It doesn't look as good from afar. The sweet spot seems to be from within 15 feet. Beyond that, the gloss seems to "defocus" and fade somewhat. The Klasse twins are good at making my car stand out even from a good distance but NXT is best up close. Application is a breeze. I apply all over the car and buff off after the required time. I'm careful not to get on trim. That seems to be its only application drawback. S100 is just as easy but I didn't like constantly alternating between applying wax and buffing off each panel. S100 doesn't stain trim though. Durability is ok so far. I use NXT Speed Detailer to extend the time between wax coats. Last coat is 3 weeks old and counting. I however have 6 coats of SG underneath so I can't be so sure what's beading on my paint. NXT paste wax does seem good at hiding swirls. It's still hiding them after 3 weeks. I know my car is in pretty decent shape but it has been through the ravages of winter. NXT is making the paint look like its just been polished. As time goes on, NXT wax seems to improve its looks. So if you try this product, give it some time to cure. I still prefer the Klasse twins by far but it needs extensive prepping. Klasse makes the car a spectacle to look at while NXT is closer to the look of Souveran, bit more subtle but still awesome. NXT also makes waxing less of a chore. Recommended.

Not an installed item

Meguiar's NXT Car Wash

[12/26/2004] Reviewed by: Beastie

Applicable to:

This is a high sudsing car wash from the new NXT line. It rivals the Pinnacle shampoo for its sudsing ability. Unlike Pinnacle's car wash, this is gentler on the wax. It has good lubricity and cleaning ability. Leaves the car very clean. I feel that it is not as good as Meguiar's Gold Class car wash in sheeting ability (for those who rinse from a free-flowing hose). It has a nice smell. I'd say this is my new favorite car wash. I like it better than Eagle One, Gold Class, and Mother's California Gold although none of these are bad car washes. Since it has wide availability, I will be using this for a while.

Not an installed item

Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech Protectant

[8/18/2004] Reviewed by: Beastie

Applicable to:

I copied this description from Autopia reviews: Introducing Meguiar's Next Generation of Technology...Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) Meguiar's NXT Generation Protectant uses Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) to clean, condition and protect all vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. These materials require special treatment to preserve their original look, retain their elasticity, and protect them from fading. Meguiar's NXT Tech Protectant utilizes the highest concentration of ESP's blended with patented antiozonants to create the best all-in-one protectant on the market today! Creates shine & richness to dashboards, tires & trim. Helps restore original color to older, weathered surfaces. Patented Antiozonants help prevent premature aging and deterioration. Protects using UVA/UVB inhibitors to help reduce fading and cracking.

I've been using 303 on my tires to replace Meg's Endurance, which I find too greasy and turned my tires brown. 303 is my fave but is a bit expensive to be using on tires so I decided to give this product a try. It was much cheaper and I heard some favorable comments from users. I use EO tire swipes to apply. I find that I get mixed results depending on tire brand. The 2 Michelins I've used it on produced a satin finish while the Bridgestone SO3s on my car get a medium gloss which goes well with my polished rims although I still prefer the look of 303. I don't have slinging problems with it and I don't buff off after application. I use about 2 squirts into the applicator per tire. It will keep the tire black even after a wash or rain but will lose the gloss. I reapply after a wash. It is oily and is a tad hard to wash off the hands or body panels. I also use it in the wheel wells. Despite the so-so ratings I gave it, I quite like it for my intended use.

I haven't used this on my top. Kinda leery because of the oiliness. Others have reported good luck with it on their tops but I will not, at this time, endorse it for that use simply because I haven't tried it.

Not an installed item

Meguiar's NXT Tech Protectant

[7/23/2004] Reviewed by: Ben Paraan (beastie)

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

From Meguiar's summary on product: Introducing Meguiar's Next Generation of Technology...Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) Meguiar's NXT Generation Protectant uses Engineered Synthetic Polymers (ESP) to clean, condition and protect all vinyl, rubber and plastic surfaces. These materials require special treatment to preserve their original look, retain their elasticity, and protect them from fading. Meguiar's NXT Tech Protectant utilizes the highest concentration of ESP's blended with patented antiozonants to create the best all-in-one protectant on the market today! Creates shine & richness to dashboards, tires & trim. Helps restore original color to older, weathered surfaces. Patented Antiozonants help prevent premature aging and deterioration. Protects using UVA/UVB inhibitors to help reduce fading and cracking.

I like this product. I use it on tires and wheel wells. I was using 303 on my tires (an even better product) but it was a bit too expensive to be applying on the tires which require frequent renewal. I apply NXT Tech Protectant on an Eagle One tire swipe applicator before it goes on the tire. I spray it on my wheel wells. My tires come out with some gloss (I'd say 6 on a scale of 10 with 10 being glossiest). It can last through 2-3 rain/washing events. No browning of tires have been noted in about 2 months of use.

I WOULD NOT use this product on my interior. It will leave an oily finish and stain clothing. Others have used this product on their convertible tops and liked the results. For what I use it for, I'm very happy with it.

Not an installed item

Meguiars Quik Wax

[6/7/2004] Reviewed by: Jonathan Watmough - jonathan.watmough@gmail.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Shine restoring wax in a trigger bottle applicator.

I cleaned red 90 pretty well at the jetwash. Then about 10pm, this IS Houston, went out in the dark and applied the wax in little squeezes at about 9 inch intervals. I used half a brand new 100% cotton shirt to wipe the wax on so it spread evenly and 'wet' the paint properly. I did half the car in one go, then used the other half of the shirt to buff the dried wax off. I then did the other half of the car and the A pillars.

This stuff restored my paint to looking the best it has in 5 years. See my blog at blogspot for details.

Not an installed item

Mequires 1,2,3, system

[3/14/2004] Reviewed by: Jason Horn - jmarinerhorn@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Mequires 1, 2 , 3 system (cut wax and polish)

Terrific results............lots of elbow grease but well worth it in the end. Didn't even use stage 3 (ran out of energy) but still created a like new glossy finish.

The people at Mequires must really know their stuff. Also (to the shagrin of Mequires I'm sure) I recently used a scratch remover from Mothers..........It shocked me ! It wont work on Red or common colours but with the metalics it is possitively remarkable.....try it.

Not an installed item

Meguiar's 3 step Deep Crystal Sys.

[7/6/2002] Reviewed by: Ben Upton - bwupton@juno.com

Applicable to:

you have to buy 3 bottles step 1,2,3. I got them at AutoZone for $5.00 a bottle.

I bought a 99 red miata w/28k on it and a very dull finish. this product took me about 4hrs to apply and my car has a mirror finish now. well worth the time and money.

if your rich get Zaino, if not get Meguiar's!

Not an installed item

Meguiars Gold Class Wax

[6/29/2002] Reviewed by: Chris Eberle - ceberle@hvc.rr.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Meguiars Gold Class Wax in squeeze bottle.

Fantastic! Goes on easily and rubs out easily. After a thorough wash - clay bar - wash - wax, I had an incredible shine for about 3 hours work. I've tried many waxes over the years and none was as easy to use or gave such awesome results! I did all the work by hand. I used baby diapers to do the final rubbing out. Do be sure you do it in the shade or better yet, in the garage.

Not an installed item


[12/23/2001] Reviewed by: Larry Wilson - llwwww@aol.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Meguiars 3 step body detailing.

A 3 step paint cleaner,polisher,sealer. Each step requires an application and hand buffing/removal step. Time consuming but well worth it for a vehicle with flat or neglected paint.

As a 20 year Meguiars fan I was sold already. My purchase of a 99 M2 with 21000 miles red paint and never garaged and probably never waxed paint was a true bargain as it went fromflat to better than most showroom cars in 1 afternoon. The first and still the best.

Not an installed item

Meguiars Endurance Hi-Gloss Tire Shine

[12/28/2000] Reviewed by: Albert Low - Albert_Low@Amway.com

Purplish coloured clear gel that comes in a bottle or as a bottle+applicator. Claims to give good gloss for "weeks not days". Very expensive for a tire shine product.

Very thick with good spreadability. However, for high-performance tires with lots of side ribs at the outer edge of sidewall, it's difficult to get the gel INTO the gaps. You have to use the edge of the sponge to ensure that the gel is applied evenly into all the gaps. Smells great. 1st application have good gloss. Second application after 10minutes gave even higher gloss. Rubbing in the product repetitively dulls the gloss. It has to be spread on evenly without ant repetition on the spot for best results. 1hour after application, the car was driven 270km continuously in hot and100% dry condition. Upon arrival at destination, the sidewall's brilliant gloss has dminished considerably. It now has a less impressive dull sheen to it. Then, the return trip, there was a slight shower. Upon reaching home, the tire sidewall had lost all shine and gloss. However, the tires did not look as though I went through a rainstorm. It looked a matt black.

Another overly hyped up product and confirms my suspicion that it's IMPOSSIBLE for a tyre shine product to maintain good gloss over "weeks not days". For those of you who intend to buy, pls be careful and fall for the hype. Just to be fair, I'll treat my wife's car to this product and you know the results shortly. I'm a Meguiars fan and it's such a pity that this product did not seem to live up to its outrageous claims.

Not an installed item

Meguiar's Gold Class Paste Wax [12/12/2000] 

Reviewed by: Albert Low - Albert_Low@Amway.com 

This is a high-end premium priced "wax" for the highly discerning car owner who is after convenience and the highest possible shine.

I have always been an ardent fan of Meguiar's and have been sold to the "cleaner, polish, carnauba wax" method of detailing. Used to spend countless hours to get that deep, slick, wet look result. With Gold Class, it was a total surprise. Yes, it was expensive....but just wait until you see the results!!! I guarantee you that if you were to use it on a good condition paint work, you'll be rewarded with an extremely glossy and shiny paintwork after just 1 application. Very easy to use, goes on smoothly and buffs off easily. Extremely shiny and it's clearly noticeable even by a novice. Smells damn good too. Reminds me of bubble gum!

This product reaffirms my confidence in Meguiar's products (no, I don't for them) and I will definitely recommend them to my friends who are car lovers. The Gold Class is a must for the fanatic who's only satisfied with the best. I've used Zymol, Zaino Bros, Eagle One and Mothers. Believe me, nothing comes close to Gold Class paste Wax for convenience and sheer results.

As for my Malaysian friends who's looking for top drawer products, stop wasting your time and get the Gold Class. It's just been available recently from Fix One DIY centre in the top floor of One Utama shopping centre (PJ). If you need more info on this product, please email me.

Not an installed item

Meguiars Non-Acid Alloy Wheel Cleaner

[8/30/2000] Reviewed by Matt King - matthew.king@osi.varianinc.com

A spray-on cleaner for removing stains from alloy wheels

Directions rinse wheels well. Spray on, leave for 30 secs, hose off thoroughly and then use a normal car wash to get rid of the (alkaline) residue. Brush if necessary.

Subject 1990 stock alloys. Some brake dust buildup. Some stubborn black spots. Some yellowing of the centre caps. Otherwise, in very good condition.

Results Upon initial spraying, some yellow runoff was observed - though this seemed primarily to come from the tyres, which have been treated occasionally to Endurance - not for a while though. A little yellow runoff came from the yellow parts of the centre caps - not ideal...

Used a toothbrush to scrub into the tricky corners. The colour came off nicely. A good hose down and they looked like new. Centre cap problems seemed minimal. Stubborn spots were gone.

However, where the alloys were once even and smooth in appearance, there are now some blotchy white marks on them, caused it seems by the caustic nature of the product... only observable to the anal, but hey, I'm using a product for the anal...

The tyres had some runoff streaking across them, but nothing a coat of Endurance couldn't fix.

Overall - good, easy to use, gets rid of stubborn stains, but appears to be a little bit harsh on the smooth sections of the wheels (clear coated?).

Not an installed item

Meguiar's Gold Class Paste Wax

[8/15/2000] Reviewed by Jim Hamilton - Jimrhamilton@hotmail.com

One-step premium paste wax

Very easy to use with surprisingly good results.

Best wax I've ever used. Glides on easy, buffs off with a minimum of effort and gets rid of oxidation, swirls, and mild scratches. It won't remove heavy-duty gunk like bird-doo, etched-in water spots, or heavy oxidation on your bumpers and side mirrors (Meguiar's paint cleaner does an admirable job of that), but the SHINE! It looks like you could go scuba diving in it it's so deep! No product this easy to use shouls make my Miata look so good!! I used to go through three steps (cleaner, polish and Carnauba wax) to get the results I now get with one step. It seems to put oils back into my paint because when I rub my hand over a freshly waxed portion, it has this super-slick wonderful feel to it. Very, very impressed.

Not an installed item

Meguiar's plastic window cleaner and polish

[4/5/2000] Reviewed by Phil Yasuhara - yasuhara@prodigy.net

Applicable to '90 - '97

first aid for soft rear windows

wonderful results. cleaner got out most of the fine white scratches and polish made whole thing look optically clearer. bought the car used and the rear window has never looked so good! easy to use. Couldn't ask for more! Granted, I haven't tried it on discolored (brown) spots but this stuff works great for fine scratches which really mess up rear vision in the evenings.

Meguiar's Cleaner/Wax

Reviewed by: Stephen Foskett - sfoskett@slf.gweep.net

Car Wax

When I got my Miata, a four-year old Brilliant Black C-package, it was in rough shape. The dealer waxed it (as well as dealers do) but it had lots of imperfections and the paint was just plain dull. I wanted to use Meguiar's products on the car after hearing about how good they are from the miata.net list, but I didn't want to go through the whole 4-step process. So I decided to try the combination cleaner/wax from Meguiar's. I have been very pleased. After a few months of care and quite a few coats of wax, the paint now looks much brighter and shinier. The local club members even commented on how nice the paint looks! Not bad! I like the ease of application and removal from the liquid product better than the paste waxes I used to use. I use Lexol applicators and 100% cotton towels to protect the paint. Plus, Meguiar's quick detailer does a great touch-up job after driving for a few days. All in all, an excellent product that produces a fine shine. Maybe not as good as the individual products, but it works well enough for me!

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