WOLO BadBoy Horn

[2/5/2009] Reviewed by: Chris Caird - cairdchr@hargray.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

WOLO BadBoy Horn. The materials and fit looks decent... something that would likely come from China. It didn't particularly wow me but it lookes significanly better then the OEM little horn... which i proceded to cover up with the OEM plastic cover our miatas. Bottom line: who cares what it looks like as long as it works right and sounds right since it's covered up.

I received this as a Christmas present and installed it the next day. I have 1997 M-edition. The horn was defective so I sent it back and 2 weeks later I had a new horn. This new horn in a new package arrived without a ground wire. No biggie.. went to the hardware store and got a 14 gage wire and the ring as well as the female adapter ..and taaa--daaa. I used the all the hardware from the previous OEM horn. However, I had to relocate the horn from the passengers side to the drivers side of the radiator/sub frame mount. I had to go back to the store for a 10mm metric bolt. The bolt that comes in the package to hang the horn on is too big for Miata?s. FYI: You need two bolts. One to hang the horn on and one (from the OEM horn) to mount it to the sub frame. Oh ya.. FYI: I'm not mechanically inclined at ALL. This was easy after I had all the right parts.

Bottom line: It's an air horn. It sounds like an air horn. pretty Loud. My girlfriend thinks it sounds like the 'ice cream man' that used to drive around her neighborhood as a child. After listening to it a while... I tend to agree. She thinks it's pretty funny and when i drive to work in the morning I now always honk at her and she laughs...and makes a face of eating and an ice cream cone from the house window. I think it sounds a bit silly. Keep in mind that I LOVE MIATAS and a person has to be comfortable in a Miata in the 1st place. All my friends and folks in the Miata club think the horn is a bit... odd. I was trying to find a horn that sounded like a horn. Not like a Miata horn, not like truck horn.. and not like an air horn.. but just a solid sounding 'electric' horn. I've had it on the car since December 2008....and perhaps by summer I?ll look for another. If you are interested in hearing the OEM horn verses the air horn. Let me know and I?ll send you a link. Good luck

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

WOLO BadBoy Chrome Horn

[7/27/2008] Reviewed by: Tomaj Vadasz - ctxspy@hotmail.com

Applicable to:

This is a 'chrome' two-tone single box design horn, similar to the Nautilus. The unit is around 3 by 5 by 7 inches, has a decent weight to it. It is described as 'chrome', but it is not :) It is actually plastic, painted with some chrome looking paint. That said, it does look good.

I got through installing it today. Took around an hour, most of that was fiddling around with the old horn's mounting bracket trying to figure out a way to mount it in what is really a rather small space. I also had to make a quick trip to autozone to buy a wire stripper/crimper some disconnects and wire, to make my own ground-wire extension. The stock horn's ground is the mounting bolt, the new one has dedicated ground plug. The sound of the horn is loud, though i'm not sure how loud, though a bit high pitched for my tastes.

Should be called 'chrome-like plastic' :)

Not an installed item

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28 June, 2009

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