Daikei 601 Plug & Play Steering Wheel Hub from MiataRoadster

[6/23/2009] Reviewed by: Conrad Zumhagen -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Daikei 601 "Plug & Play" Steering Wheel Hub Adapter.

Excellent. This part allows a true and easy "plug & play" installation, with no cutting or modifications necessary, as well as reversibility to the original OEM airbag steering wheel. With its dual hole pattern, it can be used with Nardi, Momo (and many other) steering wheel. I chose a Nardi Twin for my '94 NA, and it looks great. This is the hub often referred to in reviews & garage sections & that was formerly available from Finish Line Performance (those links don't work now, and you won't find the part there). These hubs are often not in stock (which I found to be the case for both Daikey & Works Bell alternative at the usual and other web sources. Glad I found Bill Wilner & MiataRoadster (, who has sources in Japan. I place the order, and it was shipped directly from there. Installation was the proverbial "piece of cake", using the experience from the Garage ( - and entirely reversible. A bit expensive vs. the other/eBay alternatives, but well worth it - if you value the easy plug & play/reversible feature, airbag light defeat, easy horn wiring, etc.

I found Garage & Forums very useful. After much web research, etc. and trying other alternatives (including an NRG adapter/quick release) that required removing the clock spring, wiring connector/s and/or other modifications.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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28 June, 2009

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