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Last update: 4 November, 2003

For non-urgent emergencies.

Holy-blown cover Batman!

The next sign down the road reads, "Signs create jobs".

Turn left at the UFO hanger.

Bert, was Oscar in that trash can?

Harold, can we stop here?

One of those new reverse-psychology street signs… or is it?


"But officer, the pole really was in the road"!!

Dennis Allred doesn't know where this traffic light mess is located,
but I hope to never see this while I'm behind the wheel.

George Briscoe passed along this photo and said "I can't drive 55!"

'nuf said!

That's one heck of a back pack!

But is the "cup" half empty or half full?

Ford introduces its newest SUV - the Excessive.

A beautiful '68, but what is it?

Spotted this awesome toilet at R-Speed in Atlanta.
Notice the appropriate racing number...#2

It seems ugly is "in" these days and fetching a high price.

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