The 1999 Redesign

This small collection of photos show the '99 model in some of the colors expected to be available when the car is released.

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The Detroit Auto Show brought us this '99 decked out with optional body kits. Might it be the future "R" Edition?

Photos from Mazda Information Bureau.These two are actually the same vehicle. The one on the right didn't scan very well. This is the US version. Same care again. Photo from Mazda Information Bureau. Given to us by San Diego Miata Club.
This series of 4 shows a vehicle developed for the Japanese market. We don't know if the copper color will be available in the US. Photos provided to us by K.G. Works

This series of photos was taken by the San Diego Miata Club who were lucky enough to get a sneak preview at Barb Beach's house.

And more...

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