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The following came in from CJ Pepe, so we decided to follow up with Tommy Grimes from Finish Line Performance.

As part of routine maintenance, it was time to change the Power Steering and AC V-ribbed belt in my 1992 1.6L Miata. So, I went to my local Mazda dealer and bought the belt.


The dealer OEM part would not fit. It is too short by about 1.5 to 2.0 centimeters. The grooves in the belt were MUCH shallower than the original belt on the car. I returned to the dealer, and, well, the Parts worker looked up the part, and assured me it was the right part number. (Actually, He looked at me as though I was crazy.)

So, in complete frustration, I went to NAPA and bought another belt.


IT FIT! The correct belt size is 14mm x 980mm (9/16 x 38 1/2)

Tommy's follow up:

There were a couple of PS/AC belt numbers throughout the years but the length only varied by 5mm....Here's what I remember and researched:

90 Microfiche calls for a 955mm length belt p/n# B63H-15-909

91-92 Microfiche calls for a 955mm length belt p/n# B63H-15-909

93 Microfiche calls for a 955mm length belt p/n# B63H-15-909

1994 Microfiche calls for a p/n# BPF3-15-909 without a length listed. This number, in the price book (which is normally the god of all numbers Mazda and stipulates part number changes, supercessions and the like) changes to a BPF3-15-909A, which in turn changes to a BPE8-15-909.

95-96 Microfiche offers a little more insight to the size and what not of the BPF3 and BPE8 belts. This fiche says the BPF3 is 940mm belt made by "Bando", and is a PS/AC belt. Now, Bando use to be the sole supplier of Mazda belts in the 70's and most of the '80's. There is also a listing for the BPE8 belt who's length is 940mm made by Goodyear. The fiche also tells me that Mazda used the BPF3 on 95-96 models starting 10/94.

I do not have a 97 fiche. Hell, nothing's changed.

The 99 fiche says they switched back between the Bando and Goodyear belts (same part numbers listed above), still at 940mm. 

My conclusion and personal experience:

Mazda has been using a 940mm - 945mm belt since FOREVER, and I've been selling nothing but a BPE8 at 940mm forever. If this guy's right about the size of the belt he put on his Miata, this tells me that Mazda has allowed at least 40mm worth of adjustment for a belt replacement and he did not adjust enough inwards to put on the CORRECT BPE8 belt. I have not personally changed mine but Brandon, PBC's old tech did. And he used a BPE8. My car is a 94.

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26 February, 2000