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Bill Hulan was intrigued by the idea of stipes on his car. He did some legwork to put together a do-it-yourself kit (as opposed to buying the Mazda Stripe accessory kit.)

If anyone knows how to get hold of Bill, please let us know. Ed.

First off I'm not trying to spam the group and I was hesitant to post 
but I've been encouraged by several of you to do so. Now that that's 
done, I would like to tell you all about what I am offering. I have 
striping kits for sale to the group. My first sale (which I stumbled 
into my accident) was to, you've seen him 
here. What he purchased was an enough 8" striping to run a double row 
the entire length of his car (where's that pic Nathan?). The cost of 
an 8" kit is $80 and is proportional to size. The kit includes 
everything needed to install the stripes except for masking tape which 
will be needed to space the stripes. Installation should take no more 
than a couple of hours. The kit also includes some pieces to practice 
with after reading the directions. The vinyl I provide is the best in 
the business, 3M's controltac plus. This vinyl is guaranteed in 
commercial (truck graphics) applications to be removable for 7 years. 
The procedure for removal is to take a heat gun(hair dryer) and heat 
up the vinyl. At which point is will come up. It is a slow process but 
it will come off, not like 90% of the vinyl you come across at small 
sign shops. Well to be fair, cheap vinyl will come off but most of the 
adhesive stays on your paint and you end up with the image of the 
stripe you had in the form of road grim that sticks like grim death. 
And on top of that they will charge the same price or more for the 
same size. The big suppliers on the net are charging over twice the 
amount. Mazda charges around $230 for the flared kit. If there is 
sufficient interest in this style I could probably provide them but it 
would have to be several inquiries and I don't know what the cost 
would be. Speaking of cost, I have not decided how to arrange payment. 
Are any of you first virtual members? If enough of you are I can 
update my account to accept credits.

If your wondering how I can provide this service to the group, its 
because I work for one of the top 100 screen printers in the U.S. 
(that's out of 20,000). I can get the maximum discount on vinyl. I'm 
not doing this for free, I want to upgrade my '90, but I am not going 
to take you guys (and Leigh------Dyer) to the cleaners. Well, after 
that lenghty rambling, is anyone interested? Please e-mail me at 
<email address unknown> 

Thanks for your interest,

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19 January, 1999