A coin holder instead of your ashtray

by: Bill Bullington - bil-@rowe-newberry.com

The '99 Miata is still new enough that there aren't very many tips and tricks around yet. This is one of the best we've seen so far. It won't work with a first-generation Miata - ed.

For those non-smokers who travel, a simple coin holder addition to the console can make life a lot easier. Since I had not seen a coin holder for the ‘99 Miata in the after-market publications, I decided to improvise one. My GM car had a coin holder concealed under its flip-up console, a lift-out design that is the basis of my solution. Removing the Miata ashtray left me with a small tapered slot ready to receive the modified GM coin holder. First, you will need to purchase the coin holder, GM Part #12504901 (cost approximately $13.95, plus tax). The holder is slightly tapered on the sides from top to bottom, and requires minor modification. If you have access to a bench vise, clamp the coin holder in the upside down position, with the narrow end extending past the jaws of the vise. Next, you will need a hacksaw to cut a line in the recessed slot on the end making your cut approximately 1/8" deep. Next, you need to make a cut 3/32" wide from the bottom, angling your saw parallel to the original shape until you intersect your first cut. After removing this slice, use a utility knife to shave any burrs that remain along your cut. Repeat this procedure for the other side. Slide the unit into your ashtray slot, load with coins, and you are done. The total time, excluding your trip to the parts house, is less than 15minutes!

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16 May, 2000