From: Doug Gubbins (
Date: Mon, 30 Oct 95 12:18:11 -0500

I installed a BEGI Autorotor SC on my '92 about 8 weeks ago. I've been
very pleased with the performance. I'd have to say that the
installation time estimate given by Bell is optimistic, even for
'Mr. Goodwrench'-- which, admittedly, I'm not. I was not pleased by
the number of instances of insufficient or incorrect instructions and
wrong or missing parts (which are not labelled); these problems added
significantly to the time and frustration level of
installation. Having ABS and power steering complicated the task of
finding space in the engine compartment for new components, and I made
some suggestions to Bell that I hope will benefit others who install
this system on the same model. It took me about 3 days and many trips
to the local hardware and auto parts store for various metric nuts and
bolts. Better expect some head-scratching with this one.
BEGI's response to my requests for help were immediate and positive 
without fail. 

So far, I'd say the results have been well worth the effort.