Fluid Capacities

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  1990 - 1993? 1994 - ?
Oil Only 3.4 US qt., 3.2 l 3.8 US qt.3.6 l
Oil & filter 3.58 US qt., 3.4 l 4 US qt., 3.8 l
Manual Transmission oil 2.1 US qt., 2.0 l
Automatic Transmission Fluid 1 4.2 US qt., 4.0 l
Rear Differential .69 US qt., .65 l 1.06 US qt., 1.0 l
Coolant 6.3 US qt., 6.0 l
Brake Fluid 2 1.6 US qt., 1.5 l  
Clutch Fluid 2 1 US pint, .5 l  
Refrigerant 28.24 oz., 800 g 21.2 oz , 600g
Fuel Tank 11.9 US gal., 12.7 US gal, 48 l
Power Steering   0.85 US qt., 0.8 l


1 Warning

From Chris Lambert:

When you change your automatic transmission fluid DO NOT put 4.2 quarts into the transmission. The Miata's auto-trans traps fluid inside that can not be drained out unless the trans is taken apart. Capture the fluid that drains out and measure it. Put that exact amount of new fluid back in the Auto-trans.

Before I found this out, I had put 4 quarts in mine and I ended up blowing fluid out of the seals as the trans heated up on a drive longer than 30 mins. I drained the fluid to read between the full and low mark on the dip stick (which is not easy to read) and then I used an additive to sweal the seals. I have had some minor slipage now and then, but I don't think I will have to replace the entire trans.

2 Note

Brake and Clutch fluid capacities are not specified in the shop manuals. These values are approximations based on observations by owners.

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10 August, 2002