Installing a Light in the Glovebox

By Jeff Anderson -

I've added a glovebox light to both my Miatas. It's not hard to do the way I did it.

I couldn't find a momentary switch that would install easily in a conventional way that would look good to automatically operate the light by opening/closing the glovebox. So, I elected to install the switch hidden from view behind the glovebox.

Under the dash, below the glovebox is a metal strap that already has holes that I used for inserting bolts to add a metal bracket to support a switch.

I got a heavy strap of metal and about 1 inch from the end I bent it at 90 degrees for mounting to the car's strap below the glovebox. On the long end (about 3 inches) of the added strap I drilled a hole for mounting the monetary button switch horizontally.

The switch's plunger button strikes the outside back of the glovebox when the glovebox is closed and turns the lamp off.

I picked up the 12V power from the nearby dash light (depending on the year of your Miata you may not have this nearby dash light). On one Miata I used a small lamp that has a spring metal clip for push-on mounting the lamp to a plastic flange up under the dash just above where the glovebox door first opens. On my other Miata I mounted the lamp to the side of my electric glovebox lock.

See rough drawing below:

                                            x install   x
                                            x lamp in   x
                                            x this area x
               |<--back side of glovebox      /  g  
               |    front side of glovebox-->/ l 
               |                            / o
               | glovebox shown closed    / v  
plunger        |                        /  e  
 switch  |     |                      /  b  
     ____|     |                    /   o  
    |     |===||                  /   x  
    |____ |===||                /     
         |     |              /    d
         |     |            /    o  
added    |     |          /    o  
bracket->|     |________/    r 
|=========| <---- car's existing metal bracket          

<--- direction to front of car