Air Horn Installation in a '94 Miata

I recently installed air horns in my '94 Miata and I thought that others might be interested in the procedures that I used. The manufacturer of the horns presents generalized instructions, but it's difficult to accomplish them without some creativity.

This page is merely informative and is intended to relate my adventures and methodology in installing this item. If your mechanical skills and background are limited, you should get a mechanic to do the installation of this item. Be advised that if you copy any of my methods or procedures, you're doing this at your own risk. Horns are very important pieces of safety equipment and a malfunctioning horn might cause serious injury or death. Also faults in the electric hookup might cause damage or fires.

Note - several important words of advice from the manufacturer. Make sure the primary power circuit is fuse protected. And be sure to use a power relay, since the air-compressor will draw up to 20 amps and the horn is on the same circuit as the brake lights.

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A coworker, seeing an early version of this page, suggested that there may be an empty fuse socket that can be used. Then it would not be necessary to share the 30amp headlamp motor fuse with the air horns. I didn't check this out however. The electric horn manufacturer also suggests using a toggle switch so that either the air horns or the factory horn could be used. I didn't implement this suggestion either.

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