From: Jim Flynn (
Date: Mon, 04 Dec 95 16:55:00 E

The Nelson supercharger uses a Paxton blower.  Paxton has been making
super chargers for decades, and their Mustang 5.0 package is

The paxton is not the most civilized aftermarket unit you can install;
noise, vibration and harshness are increased considerably.  But then
again, so is horse power.  I never dyno'd the blown motor, but then
again I didn't have to.  My "assometer" told me there was plenty of
power under foot.

Installation was a bear!  I'm being brutally honest when I say this is
not a kit to be installed by casual mechanics in an afternoon.  The
power steering pump is relocated, and that resulted in scraped
knuckles.  The fit between the fan belts and the fan is tight, and I
didn't successfully execute it the first time.

At 3000 rpm, you hear a distinct whistle - like a tea kettle is
bioling in the next room.  (The HKS air filter is rather small and
does not do an effective job of muffling the intake sound).  Intake
noise is very loud above 5,000rpm.  (My wife said it sounds like the
Devil is in there).  I loved the shrieking, howling "Giant sucking
sound" as Ross Perot put it as the intake sounded as if it was going
to pull the plug wires in through the air cleaner.  My wife, however,
did not appreciate the metallic, cacophonous serenade from the motor.

Torque is significantly increased from idle on.  Second gear start-ups
are second nature.  However, the Paxton is also like a turbo charger
in that at 4,500 rpm the engine explodes towards the redline.  If your
foot is planted, you better be ready to upshift quickly.

Installation Bugs?  A few.  In the beginning, the intake hoses would
pop off when the butterfly valve closed on the intake.  The addition
of longer silicone hoses, and double clamping each joint solved this.
The blower also sit atop the exhaust header, and generates significant
heat.  An optional oil cooler (for the s/c) and a NACA duct reduced
the heat and significantly increased the power output.  Also,
replacing the s/c oil (Type F transmission fluid) with Paxatrac oil
increased the boost by 2 lbs.

I guess it comes down to your level of "refinement": The Paxton is
very effective at producing incredible amounts of power, but the guy
you're smoking is going to hear you go by.  If you want lots of raw,
unbridled power from a bullet-proof blower, and you dont mind the
increased noise, then this is just the ticket (assuming you have the
20 hours to do the installation and shakedown testing).  However, if
you still want to hear every note from your "Yanni" CD, this is not
for you.