10 Steps to Remove Miata Front Springs and Shocks

by Charles Broadfoot

This 10 step process can be completed by one person with basic mechanical skils. This 10 step process is for removal of the Front Springs and Shocks only. There is other documentation on Miata.net that provides information for the rear springs and shocks that works very well. So, lets begin.....

Note: This process will require a Aligment if you are not replacing the springs.

What you will need at least.....

  1. Jack the front of the car up, place on jack stands and remove both front tires (Dont try doing one wheel at a time, this will only frustrate you later)

  2. Remove the bolts from both sides that hold the sway bar to the sway bar links. (see picture below)

    From this point forward, you can work one side at a time or complete each step for both sides. The sway bar should be pushed out of the way at this time.

  3. Remove 2 10mm bolts holding a plastic shroud from each side

  4. Remove hose clam that is bolted to the back side of the shock.

  5. Loosen the bolt at the bottom of the shock. This could probably be removed, but I chose to loosen it until the very last minute.

  6. . Loosen the number 1 & 2 bolts (14mm socket) from the top part of the shock mount. You could probably remove these, but I opted again to wait. Loosen the number 3 bolt (17mm) from the center of the shock, but DO NOT REMOVE it. You can loosen it all the way to the top of the threads, but if you remove it, your going to have a big mess on your hands, and it might hurt too.

  7. Back out the 2 sway bar bolts that hold the sway bar to the frame of the car. These can some times be a bit tricky to get to if they are hiding a bit behind the plastic shroud. You don't have to remove these, but you will need to back the bolts out to complete step number 8. Try to back them out as far as you can with out removing them.

  8. Remove the upper control arm bolt. This is a really long bolt that connects your upper control arm to the frame. You will need a 21 mm socket and a 21 mm wrench to complete this task. Once you have the nut off, you can push the LONG bolt out of the upper control arm and frame. If the LONG bolt appears to be stuck and does not want to come out, refer back to step 6. Many times, the sway bar bolts just need to be backed out a little farther

    Damn,,,,forgot to grab a picture of that!!!! (Picture Coming soon)

  9. Once the bolt from step 8 is out. (it needs to be all the way out), you can remove the 2 bolts (1 & 2 only) from the top shock mount (step 6) and the bolt from the bottom of the shock.(step 5) (that is if you haven't done this already.)

  10. Remove the whole shock and spring assembly. You should at this point be able to simply lift the shock and spring assemble out of the wheel well

    At this point, you will need to prepare your new shocks and springs and work towards re-assembly. The task of removing the shocks should not take much longer than an hour per corner on the first time. Putting things back together is the same process in reverse. If you are replacing factory shocks and not replacing your springs, you should not need an aligment.

Note from David Deweerd:

I work for a Mazda dealer and have had many opportunities to do this. I discovered a much easier way to do this operation. With the sway bar disconnected from the lower control arms, disconnect the upper ball joint from the spindle. Unbolt the strut at the top and bottom. Pry down on the lower control arm, as well as the upper control arm, and it is quite easy to remove the strut assembly.

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12 June, 2005