Parking Light Conversion for 1990-1997 Miatas

By Rod Roller
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Front View

Side View

Parking lights only

Parking lights and turn signal

This modification does several things:

1) Converts the dim amber parking lights into bright white lights, like mini headlights or fog lights. Although these are NOT bright enough to drive by at night, they are much brighter than stock and appear to be low-beam headlights to those who don't know better.

2) Provides the amber turn signals in the unused corner position, so you still have visible turn signals. This duplicates the popular "Twilight" kits that are sold for $20.00. I used a larger, brighter 916 bulb and socket instead of the tiny, dim 194 bulbs the aftermarket "Twilight" kits use. You can use the standard twilight kits if you want, or if you have trouble locating the sockets locally.

3) Makes the side parking lights blink with the front turn signals to provide added visibility when turning. The side markers DO NOT blink from the factory. However, the turn signals do blink slightly faster than normal with the parking lights on. It is not as fast as the "fast blink" that happens when a bulb is out, but it is faster than normal. I happen to like the slightly faster blink because it attracts more attention on the road, but if you don't want it to blink faster then don't do the mod.

Most importantly, it does all this rather cheaply. My total cost for all this was about $25.00, using parts from local stores. Included below is a Parts list and a Wiring Diagram. Step-by-step instructions would be confusing and hard to follow. If you can't figure out how to do it from the Wiring Diagram then you don't need to be attempting to do it anyway! Print out the Wiring Diagram and take it to someone who knows how. Please read the Disclaimer below.

If you have any creativity at all, you will already have figured out that you could use this wiring configuration to add true halogen headlight bulbs to the parking light units. I have not tried this (yet!). If you decide to try halogen headlight bulbs, you should add in a relay and wire the halogen bulbs directly to the main fuse, since the parking light circuit is probably not strong enough to power the headlight bulbs.

Parts List
Picture Description Part No. Source and Price
White Parking Light Bulbs
AutoZone, $1.79 for pair
Amber Bulbs (for corners)
AutoZone, $1.79 for pair
Side Marker Socket (for corner "Twilights")
Calterm 08598
Advance Auto, $2.69 each
Taillight Converter
Hoppy 48845
Advance Auto, $11.99

Wiring Diagram

Originally Posted on CAMS Website 12/29/2000
Enhanced 1/1/2001

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03 January, 2001