Date: Sun, 28 Jan 1996 12:14:02 -0500

The supercharger is in! With all my anticipation, I thought this day
would never come. Since several people have asked me to detail this
install, these are my impressions of the installation and
performance. Remember that my impressions are based on a few days
driving this combo in the frozen Northeast; YMMV.

First, be aware that this is NOT a simple bolt in operation. I used an
experienced mechanic, who spent about 15 hours over 5 days. This was
with the install notes from the previous owner, which were a big
help. The kit uses the PS bracket to mount the compressor, so if yours
is not a PS car, you will need the bracket and hardware. Mine cost
about $65 from Honey Mazda in Sacremento.

Fit between engine, fans and cross tube is VERY TIGHT ( like within
1/8 inch).  The mechanic had to play with the compressor belt, as the
kit belt was too long. Similarly, the reccomended bottom radiator hose
interfered, and a composite of tubes and hoses made to fit. Other than
this, the kit went together well.

How does it run? Well, it runs much like a belt driven turbo, which is
basically what a Paxton is. Power comes in hard at 4000 rpm, and
fairly explodes to redline. Do not get into the throttle without
having one eye already on the tach! The unit is VERY NOISY!!! You can
also feel the spark retard, especially under part throttle.

What do I think? If you just want a little more power on your daily
driver, this is NOT the way to go. This is serious machinery, making
BIG power, and asking significant consessions in return. IN its favor,
the car idles and starts well, does not make a lot of noise unless
under boost, and is incredibly fast on the top end. Drawbacks are lots
of noise, compromised part throttle drivability, and that the power
makes it just that much harder to handle in bad weather.

Do it again? Well, that depends. I got my kit used, for a good
price. For what I paid, if you are a serious speed freak, the blower
is a lot of fun. I really like having a "sleeper", with no clue as to
what is under the hood. It is fun to show off the engine, as every
thing is polished, and really looks great. If I had paid full price, I
would have gone with the Sebring unit, for low end torque and

If anyone wants to Email for further info, I will be glad to reply
S. Chamberlain
Red '92 base model,