Homemade Windblocker

by Beau Schless - bschless@rasco.com

I just made a windblocker which works...I used a 36" wide piece of fiberglass door screen (grey). I hacked off a piece (which fits exactly right outside edge of seat back to seat back). I velcroed a vertical strip along the back of the seats, plus a small velcro strip across the top. I finished the edge with black plastic electric tape (and also reinforced where the velcro is glued to the screening). I'm not sure the tape will hold permanently (any suggestions wouold be appreciated!). You can roll this windblocker up and throw it in the side pouch it's so small! And the wind blocker works great! I just took my persnickety wife for a ride and even she admitted it ws a success!

I do have a roll bar on order. When it comes I'm going to try "fillling in" the rollbar with screening. I have an idea it will work even better than the current design. The nice thing will be that with the rollbar if I move the seats the screen won't need tightening up (which it does now). I also thought of holding the screen in place with elastic fabric.... But the screen on the back of the seats really does work, and it's very economical.

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15 June, 2001