Fading Tan dash 1991-1993 Solution

by Chris Lambert

The Problem:
On the Miataís tan interior from 1991-93 the tan part of the dash fades from sun exposure over time. A tan replacement piece canít be ordered from Mazda. So what can be done? Find a good used one in tan or black or do what I did an paint your original dash pieces black with special Vinyl paint.

First remove the center console around the radio by following these directions: Center console removal by Jeff Anderson.

Once you have the center console removed and out of the way, you will need to remove the two far outside eyeball vents. These will be twice as hard as the middle ones. Using the string method:

Wrap the string around the shaft of a strong screw driver and pull with all your might. I also recommend placing your feet to each side to the vent to keep it all in place.

Find a long rounded end screw driver and start prying the tan panel off. Go very slow and donít use too much force. Once the bottom is loose start prying up slowly trying not to break the plastic clips that hold the piece in place.

For the other side, remove the vent in the same way. You will need to also remove the center instrument pod by following these directions: Gauge face installation by Aaron Smith

Make sure to stop during that procedure before removing the gage cluster, you only need to remove the top plastic pod, so that you can pry on the small tan dash piece to the left of the steering wheel.

Once you have both tan dash pieces off itís time to paint.

Putting it all back together was fairly easy. The dash pieces clip in place and then clip the eyeball vents back in on the outer edges and that really holds them in place. Replace the center console. Donít forget to plug in the hazard button! Here is the final result:

I'm very happy with the results of the paint. It looks identical to the top of the dash and I dont' have to look at the faded tan parts anymore.



Gene-m adds:

SEM makes an excellent color match in its 15173 Camel color vinyl spray paint. You can find it online or order it from any autobody supply shop that carries SEM products.

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14 February, 2004