Another Trunk Light Mod

Bob Caruthers -

Parts I used :

1. "Blazer" Interior Light from AutoZone #C460. This is a narrow light fixture and fits perfectly on the center support under the trunk lid.

2. Mini Toggle Switch from Radio Shack #275-32B. It mounts in an existing hole in the lip of the trunk lid.

3. Several feet of 16 gauge wire.

4. A drill. A small hole needs to be drilled in the center support under the trunk lid. It requires only a slight pressure to drill the hole. There is room between the support and the underside of the trunk lid to slide in something to protect the lid from the drill -- I used three pieces of mat board. Some sheet metal would work as well. Its purpose is for peace of mind.

5. Double sided foam tape. This is found in the picture hanging section of Wal-Mart, etc.

6. one Quick Connect

7. electrical tape as needed

I wanted a trunk light that I could turn on and off with a toggle switch. The reason I chose this method was because I wanted to be sure the light wasn't on when the lid was closed -- I was concerned that a pin switch or a mercury tilt switch would somehow fail to function correctly which would drain the battery. I have found that on the rare occasions that I needed a light in the trunk, it was a simple task to turn it on and off with the toggle switch. I mounted the light on the center support under the trunk lid. It was necessary to drill a small hole in the center support in order to feed the wires from the light up to the toggle switch and the ground bolt. I put a rubber grommet in the hole to protect the wires from being cut by the drilled hole. All of the wires are hidden from view under the trunk lid supports. For power I tapped into the Blue Wire with Red Stripe from the Power Antenna using a blue Quick Connect. Be sure to disconnect the NEGATIVE TERMINAL on your battery before tapping into the power source. The attached pictures show the process:

trunk1.gif (8545 bytes) trunk2.jpg (46326 bytes) trunk3.jpg (46841 bytes)

 trunk4.jpg (94563 bytes) trunk5.jpg (29616 bytes) trunk6.jpg (121663 bytes)

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20 June, 2001