Installing Power Trunk Release in the '99 Miata

By Steven Kamp

Why install the power trunk release?

The power trunk release servers two purposes.  First of all is convenience.   In the '99 Miata the key lock is located very low and using the key could scratch the paint.  The second reason is security.  Installing the power trunk release allows the trunk pop in the glove box to be disabled.  The '99 Miata has a plastic lock mechanism for the glove box and is easily defeated.  The kit I used was from Duetto Motors LLC ( and cost is $29.95 + shipping.

Kit Contents

The kit includes the following:

Installation instructions


For the wiring connect the black wire to the one of the connectors on the solenoid.   Use a small self tapping screw and connect the ground to sheet metal near the TRS.   Connect the green wire to the other connector on the TRS and route the wire to the cockpit through the left tunnel.  You will need to remove the left side plastic bucket and the left front trunk cover.  Wire tie the green cable to the existing trunk release cable.  Route the green cable through the hole by the back of   drivers seat and continue to run the wire under the driver side sill.  The wire will now be up by the driver footwell.  The rest of the wiring is according   to how the trunk release will be actuated.  See the two wire diagrams below for the different options. camera.gif (164 bytes)

Wire Diagrams

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05 November, 1999