Miata Technical Service Bulletin

Category Applicable Model(s) Subject
Bulletin No. 003/95
Issued 4/5/95
H 1990-95 MX-5 Miata Squeal noise from clutch releast bearing

Applicable Models/Vins

1990 - 95 MX-5 Vehicles with a VIN of JM1NA35**S0604242 and lower


A light squealing noise may be heard when the clutch is out and the vehicle is at idle. The noise is not heard when the clutch is depressed.

This noise may be caused by insufficient grease between the clutch release fork and the release cylinder. To eliminate this problem:

A repair procedure for customer complaints is listed below.

Repair Procedure

  1. Confirm the location of the noise. If noise is not heard when the clutch pedal is depressed, proceed to step 2. If the noise is constant, refer to the workshop manual for troubleshooting and repair information.
  2. Apply moly white grease in the joint area of the release fork.
    NOTE: It is NOT necessary to change the clutch release cylinder push rod.
  3. Assemble and confirm repair.

Parts Information

Part Number Description
1050 77 767 Moly White Grease

Warranty Information

(Applies to verified customer complains on vehicles covered under normal warranty. Refer to the SRT microfiche for warranty term information.)

Warranty Type: A
Symptom Code: 82
Damage Code: 91
Part Number Main Cause: H266 41 341
Operation Number: XX0718RX
Labor Hours: 0.2 Hrs.

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