Miata Technical Service Bulletin

Category Applicable Model(s) Subject
Bulletin No. 011/94
Issued 2/11/94
S 1992-94 MX-5 Miata Window will not open fully.

Applicable Models/Vins

MX-5 Miata

1992 - Vehicles with a VIN of JM1NA35**N0200001 through JM1NA35**N0299999

1993 - Vehicles with a VIN of JM1NA35**P0300001 through JM1NA35**P0399999

1994 - Vehicles with a VIN of JM1NA35**P0500001 through JM1NA35**P0501373

NOTE: The asterisk (*) in the VIN range can be any number (0 through 9) or "X".


The window will only open 10cm (4in.) from a fully closed position. This occurs when the upper cable comes loose from the fastener and blocks the window's travel.

To prevent this, the window motor/window gear is rotated 360 degrees so the lower cable is pressed against the upper cable.

Repair Procedure

  1. Remove the door trim according to the instructions in section S of the workshop manual.
  2. Remove the power window motor/window gear mounting bolts.
  3. Rotate thw window motor/window gear 360 degrees so that the lower cable (2) presses against the upper cable (1).
  4. Install window mounting bolts.
  5. Remove fastener (A) from the upper cable (1) and install a new fastener.
  6. Install upper cable (1) into new fastener.

Parts Information

Part Number Description Quantity
DB02 88 126 Fastener 1

Warranty Information

(Applies to vehicles covered under normal warranty.)

Warranty Type: A
Customer Comment code: 64
Damage Code: 92
Part Number Main Cause: DB02 88 126
Quantity: 1
Operation Number/ Labor Hours: S1016XRX / 0.7 Hr. (power windows), S1014XRX / 0.5 Hr. (manual windows)
Location Code: RHD (right side)
LHD (left side)
NOTE: If both windows are repaired, 2 claims will be required. use the above Operation Number and Location Code when submitting the claims.

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