Miata Technical Service Bulletin

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Bulletin No. 024/93
Issued 5/26/93
S All Miatas Protecting the soft top plastic window


Two pieces of protective cloth are provided with the vehicle to protect the soft top plastic window from scratches. This cloth is shipped with the vehicle from the factory and should not be discarded during PDI. The cloth must be used whenever the plastic window is unzipped, regardless of whether the vehicle will be driven with the soft top up or down.

NOTE: If the two pieces of protective cloth are missing upon delivery of the vehicle to your dealership, order replacements and submit a vehicle transportation claim. Refer to the Parts Information on the next page for ordering information.

The two pieces of protective cloth are also available as service parts.

Installation Procedure

Use the instructions below if the plastic window will be unzipped or if the customer requires assistance. NOTE: These instructions are also provided in the owner's manual.

  1. Always unlatch the soft top first before unzipping the plastic window.
  2. Lay the protective cloth on the area behind the seats where the plastic window will lay.
  3. Unzip the plastic window and let it rest on the cloth.
  4. If the vehicle is to be driven with the top up, latch the soft top.
  5. Lay the other protective cloth on top of the plastic window.
  6. Using the velcro tabs, attache the 2 pieces of protective cloth to the window.

NOTE: The protective cloth also helps protect the plastic window from scratches when the soft top is down for extended periods of time, i.e., when a hard top is installed on the vehicle.

Parts Information

Part Number Description Quantity
NA01 R1 244A Protective Cloth - Top 1
NA01 R1 245A Protective Cloth - Bottom 1

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