Miata Technical Service Bulletin

Category Applicable Model(s) Subject
Bulletin No. 034/94
Issued 10/4/94
S 1990-95 Miata Clogged side sill drain holes

Applicable Models/Vins

All 1990 - 94 Miata Vehicles

1995 Miata vehicles with a VIN of JM1NA35**R0521597 and lower


The side sill drain holes may become clogged with dirt and debris. After a heavy rain, a sloshing noise may be heard due to accumulated water.

Over time, water left in the sill area will result in corrosion to the vehicle body metal. To prevent water from accumulating in the sill area, the drain holes have been enlarged by 8mm. Customers experiencing this condition should have the vehicle repaired as follows.

Repair Procedure

  1. Verify complaint.
  2. Clean debris from drain holes.
    Note: There are four drain holes per side.
  3. Using an appropriate tool, widen all drain holes.
  4. Apply a zinc based touch-up paint to cover any chipping that may have occurred during step 3.

Photos of Sills

Right Front pair
Right Rear pair

Warranty Information

(Applies To Verfied Customer Complaints On Vehicles Covered Under Normal Warranty. Refer to the SRT Microfiche for Warranty Term Information.
Warranty Type: A
Customer Comment Code: 82
Damage Code: 97
Part Number Main Cause: NA01 54 660B
Quantity: 0
Operation Number: XX0679RX
Labor Hours: 0.3 Hrs.
NOTE: Cost of touch-up paint is included in the labor hours.

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