Miata Technical Service Bulletin

Category Applicable Model(s) Subject
Bulletin No. 044/92
Issued 8/7/92
S 1991 MX-5 Miata Door Glass-to-Hard top interference


The door glass may be adjusted too high on some 1991 MX-5 models with hard tops. This results in contact between the door glass and hard top when the window is up. Adjustments to correct this have been made during production since January 7, 1991.

If this sympton is encountered, perform the repair procedures as outlined in this bulletin.

Vins of Production Change

JM1NA351*M1223636 - January 7, 1991

Repair Procedure

  1. Remove the door trim and top portion of the door screen according to procedures in section S of the Workshop Manual.
  2. Adjust upper door glass stops.
    1. Lower the door glass 10mm (3/8 in) from full up position.
    2. Loosen both upper door glass stops. Figure 1.
    3. Lower both upper stops 3mm (1/8 in) and tighten the bolts. Figure 2.
    4. Raise the door glass completely.
      Note: When the door glass is raised, both glass stops must contact the upper stop at the same time.
    5. Check the clearance between the door glass and hard top. Proper clearance should be 3.0 - 5.0 mm (1/8 - 1/4 in). Figure 3.
  3. After adjusting, check for proper door glass-to-weatherstip sealing with the door completely closed.
  4. Install the door trim and top portion of door.
 Figure 1: Adjusting Door Glass
 Figure 2: Lower Both Upper Stops 3mm (1/8 in)
 Figure 3: Checking Door Glass-to-Hard Top Clearance

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