Miata Technical Service Bulletin

Category Applicable Model(s) Subject
Bulletin No. 043/96
Issued 09/23/96
S 1996 MX-5 Miata Soft Top Water Leakage

Applicable Models/Vins

MX-5 Models

1996 MX-5 Miata with a VIN of JM1NA353*T0718830 and lower.


Water may leak into the passenger compartment at the area between the front header and the soft top. This leakage is due to out of specification soft top link machining. The production and inspection procedure has been improved to reduce this concern.

Customers complaining of leakage should have the vehicle shower tested and if necessary, the soft top link assembly replaced.

NOTE: If leakage is still present, refer to the workshop manual for repair instructions.

Parts Information

Part Number Description Quantity
NA01-R1-100E Soft Top Link Assembly 1

Warranty Information

(Applies to verified customer complaints on vehicles covered under normal warranty. Refer to SRT Microfiche for warranty term information.)

Warranty type: A
Sympton Code: 77
Damage Code: 9K
Part number Main Cause: NA01-R1-100E
Quantity: 1
Authorization Number: A6075A
Operation Number: S2105XRX
Labor Hrs: 4.2 Hrs.
NOTE: Sublet claims must be submitted with the vendor invoice. If the weatherstrip requires replacement, refer to SRT for the appropriate Operation Number and Labor Hours.

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