Miata Technical Service Bulletin

Category Applicable Model(s) Subject
Bulletin No. 011/98
Issued 08/05/98
T 1999 Miata Rattling Noise at 3,000 RPM

Applicable Model(s)/VINS

Vehicles with VINs lower than JM1NB353* X0 116870


A rattling noise is heard coming from underneath the vehicle at 3,000 RPM and is most noticeable in 1st and 2nd gears. This may be a result of the engine harness clips vibrating against the power plant frame. Harness bands (tie-wraps) are available to prevent the clips from vibrating against the frame.

Customers complaining of this concern should have their vehicle repaired using the following procedure.

Repair Procedure

  1. Verify customer complaint.
  2. Lift vehicle on hoist.
  3. Attach tie-wraps into frame holes and secure engine harness as shown. Cut off excess tie-wrap.
  • Tie-wrap locations are different between manual and automatic transmissions.
sb011_98_2.gif (5812 bytes)
Manual Transmission
  • Secure harness with tie-wraps at holes #4 and #6 as shown.
Automatic Transmission
  • Place tie-wraps and secure harness at holes #2 and #4.
sb011_98_3.gif (2658 bytes)
  1. Verify repair.

Parts Information

Part Number Description Qty. Notes
NC10-67-070G Engine Harness 0 Manual
NC13-7-070H Engine Harness 0 Automatic
9970-93-250 Harness Band 2 ---

Warranty Information


Warranty Type Code: A
Customer Comment Code: 82
Damage Code: 98
Part No. Of Main Cause NC10-67-070F or NC13-67-070F
Quantity: 0
Related Part Number 9970-93-250
Quantity of Related Part 2
Operation No./ Labor Hour: X025XrX / 0.2 hr.)

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