Mazda Tips February, 1994

Detachable Hard Top ('90 - '94 Miata)

Too much clearance between the windshield header and the hard top may cause wind noise or allow water to leak into the cabin. The excessive clearance exists in the center of the header, between the top and the weatherstrip.

To reduce the clearance, follow the latch adjustment procedures in the Workshop Manual (page S-81). You can also use the following procedure:

  1. Loosen the top's left hand latch assembly and move the latch inward (toward the passenger's side) as far as it will go. Tighten the bolts and re-latch (lock) both sides of the top.
  2. While the top is latched, loosen the mounting bolts on the left-hand striker and move it outward (toward the driver's side). While holding the center of the top's front edge down, re-tighten the striker bolt.
  3. If these steps fail to lower the top's center, widen the left-hand latch assembly bolt holes and alignment pin holes by 1mm. This allows for more inward movement.

Be sure to cut the bolt seat as well to accommodate the widened bolt holes. Apply Lock-Tight to bolts before installing them.

Copyright 1994, Mazda Motor of America, Reprinted with permission.

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