Mazda Tips October, 1998
VIN: JM1NB3532X0104150 Category: F   Fuel and Emission
Repair information: Reference #: 2830 Type Desc.: Tip
Affected Vin Range
Model Specs

Front harness damage at heater unit

Symptoms and conditions

Engine will crank, but not start because of a lack of spark to the plugs. No voltage at the 2I terminal (VREF) of PCM or fault codes present. Light green/red wire from the 2I terminal of PCM may be shorted at the mounting bolt of the heater unit, causing an open circuit.

Repair Procedure

Verify that there is no voltage at the 2I terminal of the PCM. (Should be approximately 5.0 volts.) Locate LG/R wire at the X16 connector and trace it towards the heater unit. Inspect harness for damage around the dash brace or heater unit mounting bolts. Repair wiring as necessary if damage is found.

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