Mazda Tips June, 1999

Rattling Noise from Engine

VIN: JM1NB3539X0110592
Category: B Piston Engine
Symptom(s): 000 All Symptom Codes
Repair information reference #: 3102
Type Desc.: Bulletin
Svc bulletin: 1-010/99

Model Year Affected VIN Range Model Specs
Protege 1.5L 1999-1999 X0100001 - X0140057 ZM
Miata 1999-1999 X0100001 - X0126468 BP

A rattling noise may be heard from the engine when depressing the clutch or when revving the engine when in neutral. In extreme cases, customers may experience noise at all times. This concern can be caused by a improperly machined number 4 main cap of cylinder block which may result in premature wear of the thrust bearing.

Customers having this concern should have their vehicle inspected and repaired using the following procedure.

  1. Verify customer concern.
  2. Using a dial indicator measure, and record the crankshaft endplay.
    (See Service Bulletin for illustration) Rotate the crankshaft 180 degrees and again measure and record the endply.)
  3. Replace the applicable part per the workshop manual:
  4. Verify the repair

Note: Completely clean any reused parts.

Parts Information:

BP4W-02-300 Engine, Partial Miata (Federal)
BP4Y-02-300 Engine, Partial Miata (California)
ZM01-02-200 Engine, Short Protege

Copyright 1999, Mazda Motor of America, Reprinted with permission.

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