Miata Technical Service Bulletin

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Recall Campaign No. 75804
Issued 20/3/98
Recall 1999 Miata
(S/N effectivity not known at this time)
1999 Miata Injector Wire Harness Recal #75804.


General Managers
Sales Managers
Service Managers
Parts Managers

On March 13, 1998, an All Dealer Message was sent to dealers requesting the Inspection of the #4 injector wire harness on the 1999 Miata. This interim repair was to reduce and/or eliminate any possibilities of potential product quality concerns, during the Big Miata Weekend, by moving the #4 injector wire away from the EGR pipe. Today we are announcing an official repair. Please review the attached procedures immediately and communicate with the appropriate personnel.

It is extremely important that all vehicles in your inventory be inspected and repaired according to these procedures. By al means, no vehicle should be delivered to customers until this work has been completed.

Any vehicle found to have damage to the #4 injector wire harness according to the inspection criteria, must not be retailed and we ask that you report the VIN to the National Technical Assistance Hotline at (888) TEC-TIPS. Do not attempt to repair these vehicles at this time.

MNAO will FedEx more details regarding harness replacement procedures and how to address customer vehicles, to dealers early next week.

Thank you in advance for your support and cooperation.



VIN of Affected Vehicles

Unknown as of 24 March, 1998.

Repair Procedures

<Caution> EGR valve area is very hot if engine has been running, and can cause serious burns if precautions are not taken.

<Caution> EGR gasket is very sharp. Take extreme care when working around gasket area.

  1. Bend EGR pipe gasket towards the bulkhead at a 90-degree angle.
    Note: Bending gasket will also serve as a method for identifying vehicles that have already been modified.
  2. Place a shop rag over the gasket to prevent possible injury.
  3. Locate the #4 injector harness and with a mirror, inspect black vinyl protector for damage before proceeding to the next step. Note: if there is any evidence of the protector being burnt or melted, the injector harness must be replaced. Replacement parts will be modified and not require steps 4 & 5.
  4. Push injector harness up and away from the EGR valve to create a bend in it.
    <Caution> Applying excessive side force to the injector may cause fuel leakage to occur at the distribution rail due to residual line pressure.
  5. Put approximately an inch of high temperature silicone sealant on your fingertip and apply to the bend area. (Curing time is not necessary.)
  6. Start engine and check for any fuel leaks.
  7. Enter Campaign #75804 on Recall Completion Lable and install at driver's lower door area above the aligning bracket.
    Photos unavailable at this time Photos unavailable at this time

Warranty Information

  Silicone Repair Harness Replacement
(If required)
Warranty Type: R R
Symptom Code: 99 99
Damage Code: 99 99
Process Number: A8125H A8125J
PNMC: NC10-57-080C NC-57-080C
Quantity: 0 0
Labor Operation: XX010XRX Z0112ARX
Labor Hours: .2 1.5*

*Note: Harness replacement includes surge tank R&R

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