The '99 Windblocker on a '92 Miata

by Skip Cannon -

One of our club members ordered a '99 windblocker for his '96 Miata when we were at the Gateway Mazda '99 preview. We picked it up and before we left the dealer, we set it in a '97 on the lot to see if it looked like it would fit. It did. The only difference was that the top flap will not fold down 180 degrees with the cockpit bar on the '94+ cars. It will fold 90 degrees and lay on the bar.

When we got to my house we decided to see if it would fit in my '92. This time we got out the brackets and nuts and bolts to see if there would have to be any alterations to car or windblocker. The kit comes with templates to show where to drill one hole on each side of the car. The brackets use the existing Tenax bolt plus the new hole drilled according to the template.

We installed it on my car using just the Tenax bolt on each side. It fit perfectly and looks great on my black interior. I like the net on the front side of it for holding small items like tapes.

When he ordered it, the parts dept. told him that the only color it is available in through the parts department is black. He has a Montego Blue with tan leather and will either have to dye it or recover it with leather. Seems strange when they install tan ones in the leather cars that they don't sell a tan one. However, the '99 tan leather is quite different in color than the earlier leather cars.

Now that it was installed, we decided to test it so off we went. Sunny, but only about 45F today. The blocker doesn't make much difference at head level, but it definately makes a difference from the shoulders on down. With the heater on, it got right cozy in the cabin.

I'm going to order one for my car and I will install it with the single bolt on each side so I don't have to drill into my car. Cost from this dealer was just under $150 including tax.

Carl tried to install the '99 windblocker on his '96 and discovered it is not a direct bolt in like on my '92.

The cockpit bar occupies the same space as the blocker so either new brackets will have to be fabricated or two new holes will have to be drilled to move it forward of the bar. Moving it forward also makes about a 3/4" gap at the bottom of the blocker which will have to be plugged somehow.

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26 April, 1998