A Windblocker for $4.50!

This was recently sent in by Lowell Dewey. We haven't tried it, so we can't comment on it's effectiveness, but hey, for a small investment, you may want to try it!

Recently bought a 91 blue miata-found it on Traderonline.com - a terrific place to shop for cars-had hundreds of miatas all over the country. First drive was from Cleveland to Buffalo-ran great, but kind of windy, and my 11 year old son couldn't sleep or hear the radio. I studied the mail order catalog, saw windblockers for $95-200+.

Decided to design one myself, and ran into the best material, and a good way to mount it without hurting the seat back/headrest.

Because they were on sale for $.99 each, I bought two Frost King gutter guards, taped them together with plastic tape, then strapped them, with 4 bungee cords looped around the headrests. The perforations happen to be perfect, I can look over them through the rear-view mirror, and the seats can still be adjusted without hurting anything. Amazing difference! My wife thought I was nuts, but now wants to tour with me. Can listen to radio, talk, etc. Only the top of my head (I'm 6'-1") gets mussed, like a hair dryer. Eyes don't sting after a long drive, either.

Total cost: about $4.50. Doesn't look bad, either. Hope this helps someone else-I'd be glad to make one up for someone and draw a picture about simple mounting technique. Great car, love it.

Lowell Dewey  - LDewey4904@aol.com

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02 August, 1998